Tuesday, May 09, 2006

MUET Speaking done

oh yes! I've finally finished my MUET exam today!
But we are not having holiday after this exam as I said last time, my muet teacher was wrong by telling us that we could rest at home while waiting others to finish this test these few days! I would still need to go to school tomorrow and the next next day.... sigh.

As mentioned before, I was in the first group of speaking, so I actually completed my exam at about 9. 00am.
I was so nervous yesterday night, and as a result, I did nothing for the whole day. Thanks to my friends for comforting and encouraging me (haha.. I had called few of my friends to chat for long time and also sms-ed few friends. The long chatting 'contributed' to more seriuos sore throat though)
Unluckily, I was not in a good condition this morning. My sore throat was quite serious this morning, it has been lasting for few days.... then I drank quite a lot of water... so..... by the time I was in quarantine waiting for the exam, I was in need to urinate, and also to 'release the solid waste' (any other better way to say this? embarassed to say this.... haha...)
Fortunately, I could finish the exam smoothly... and didn't rush in speaking (= speak in moderate speed) and I still had voice to talk, and could be the one talked the loudest, lolz.

The title of speaking is, the most popular reason for reading among Malaysian (ok, this is not the complete question as the original one). I had to talk 'for pleasure' as the reason. Overall, this topic wasn't very hard, or I may say it's quite easy!
About my performance, I think I did quite well, but I failed to control myself to say 'lah' for few times, lolz.... by the way, I'd talked quite a lot, hope I didn't dominate the whole conversation; and the conversation went along well, quite smoothly ~~
Heard from Hong (who was sitting the test at the second session), the question of his session was about teenagers' problems. Hmm... well, it's an easy question too huh?! It's even easier than ours.
If they have had watched "I Not Stupid Too", they could answer the question more easily because the story of that movie talks about teenagers and family problems too!
See, watching movie could help us too!

back to the time before the MUET started, I was late to school today.
Min Huey came to fetch me at about 7.10am, then... unexpectedly we were trapped in a traffic jam from the straight road from Desa Jaya to the roundabout. It was not a very serious traffic jam compared to another place -- Aman Puri...
Khoo was stuck in the very serious traffic jam in Bandar Sri Damansara when he fetched S.Yee as a consequence of the closing of MRR2 bridge! As the bridge was closed for repairing, so the cars come from LDP had to change their route to Aman Puri, so at that busy moment which people went to work & students went to school , a lot of cars went into the same place and it's the cause of the unusual traffic jam.
Juvis was in Khoo's car that time too. So, both of them who were the members of the 2nd group of speaking today, were late to school at about 9.30am (if not mistaken). Khoo parked his car in Aman Puri (because the traffic didn't move at all after about one hour, he said) and then..... 3 of them walked to school!
But, Khoo and Juvis failed to come in time, so the other two of our classmates had to join the 2nd group for the speaking test. That means, the rest of the groups were affected too...
In fact, other than two of them, Hong & Fadzil were late to school too but were not as late as them.
Luckily, Khoo and Juvis were still able to sit the speaking test at the first session, but had to group with the last two classmates of the last group. (one session was of 20 people)

phew~ All of us was so relaxed after this exam... hehe
However, there is another important exam coming up next -- mid year exam
It will start on the 17th May (next Wednesday).
Oh, 17th May was the first day of our lower six life started! Time is really passing fast....
=.=" I haven't started my revision yet... help help help...



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