Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Mum & I

Today is Mother's Day 母亲节快乐 ~
Two of my younger brothers and I had bought a pair of platinum earings for her as the present, which she saw from the advertisement in newspaper recently.
As usual, the Sunday is the family day and my family went to Midvalley just now.
The Midvalley today was quite deserted compared to the usual Sundays, the reason might be most of the people were celebrating their Mother's Day at Restaurants by that time.
We didn't have our dinner at restaurant this year, but we were just shopping around at Jusco and Carrefour then bought some food to eat at home.

So, there was nothing special today.... I didn't hug or kiss my mum, and didn't tell her I love her, because I'd never done this before... sounds like there is a gap between her and I huh?
eh... well in fact my relationship with her since young wasn't that good as we were not staying together, but it has gradually improved these recent years, as I have already grown up, I can go to her shop and help her out there and spend quite much time together with her.

When I was a kid, as I could remember, I stayed in Jinjang and it was quite far from where my parents stay (the shop in Desa Jaya). We (my mum and I) could only meet each other during the only one day in a week which my family went out together for shopping.
*the relationship between my dad and I was better because he always drove back to Jinjang and took care of me, so the time we spent together was longer compared to the time I spent together with my mum*
Then when I was 6 years old, my family moved to the current house in Desa Jaya we are staying now. Since then, my mum and dad went home more frequently as the distance between the shop and the home is quite short.
However, the time we spent together wasn't much enough. As I was still a young kid, I couldn't even go out from my house. Gradually I have more freedom to go out, so I have more time to spend with her by helping her out at shop. It gives us more time to chat together, so the relationship has improved a lot actually.
Although sometimes I'm quite lazy to go to the shop, but actually this has contributed much in improving the bond between us, so I shouldn't be lazy to do so huh? hehe :)

While writing this post, I've just remembered that I hadn't wish her yet! so... a funny thing I did was, I called her just now just to wish her a Happy Mother's Day... but I wasn't brave enough to say "I Love You, Mum"... aiks~


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