Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Relaxing Day ^_^

oh, guess what, I 'ponteng' today! *ponteng = playing truant*
muahahaha, 4 days of holiday =p
Today, Tomorrow (Wesak Day = public holiday), Saturday & Sunday~!
Hoon was 'ponteng' too, that's why I was 'ponteng' too?! (really? hehehe!)
According to one of my classmate (I sms-ed her), there were only 7 of my classmates attended to school today 0.O
yea, we played truant after discussing with all the classmates yesterday lor.... exam is near, that's the reason.... lol

Woke up quite late today, at least it wasn't too late though -- 9.30am.
Didn't do anything except reading magazines at my mum's shop while taking charge of the shop as she went to have a hair cut....
Then, I went to Selayang Mall to play badminton~
At about 2pm, I drove my dad's car to fetch Ching & Teng, and then went to Selayang Mall. Hoho, this was my first time to drive to Selayang Mall, and it was a very safe journey and the engine didn't go off even once! =p
But, my brother drove back the car then, because I worried if my dad wanted to use the car. We had planned to play badminton at 3pm, I went there earlier to buy something asked by mum & dad, and also to buy something specially for one of my best friend ^^

There were about 14 of us (er.. or 15? er... didn't go and count properly...), and we had rented 3 courts. My gang was consists of Ching, Teng, Jin & her younger brother (who will become our junior very very soon) and me, and the others were seniors and their friends.
Same as last time, we had played for 2 hours.
As mentioned last time, this badminton play is a good exercise to sweat a lot, haha...

oh ya, While playing, we saw a kid who was so short could play badminton with an adult so well! haha, we went and asked his name, 'xie wei jie' if not mistaken, his age is around 4/5/6 only... *clap hands*, I wonder if he would become a Malaysia badminton player in badminton competitions in the future years, hmm... that's why we wanted to know his name !
ngek ngek

I know exam is just around the corner, but playing badminton can relax my mind and I can release my tension too, I did feel better today after sweating a lot, and the mood is quite okay today, hehe..

At first, my gang wanted to go there by Jin's car, but her mother wanted to use it, so Jin & her brother went there and returned home by fetching by their mum.
thanks to CKY because he drove to there alone, purposely to fetch us (Ching, Teng and me) home, as I asked him to do so... haha. If not mistaken, he could go there by his friend's car.

All upper six students had already done their speaking test! hooray!
In my opinion, the MUET speaking topics were quite easy for this April/May 2006 Test :)


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