Saturday, April 29, 2006

B3, B4 or B5 ?

Oh My God.... I only get 6/15 for my listening of MUET!

Today, we had our MUET in the morning. All of my classmates except Hong were having our exam in our own classroom, the U6S1's as there were only 20 seats while my class consists of 21 persons.
Firstly at 8.00am, we sat for paper 3, the Reading Comprehension. It ended at 10.00am. Luckily, this paper wasn't very tough, after comparing answers with my friends, I think I might get the maximum of 6 wrong answers.
After 30minutes recess, we continued to sit for paper 4, the Writing. The summary wasn't hard but the extended writing was a tough one for almost everyone.
The title was,
"Education today should focus on producing creative individuals." Do you agree with the above statement? Justify your stand, giving relevant examples where appropriate.

How do you think of this title? Is it hard for you too? It's hard for me, the title was a bit confusing, I couldn't think of the points to write... and I was having insufficient time too. I had used too much of time on summary, I always did that... and as a result, I would be panic and had to finish the essay in rush. Finally, I did finish it, with the introduction, 3 points and 1 incomplete one, and one complete conclusion. I skipped the 4th point and used the time to write the conclusion first. It's because I was still unable to think of the 4th point 5minutes (or even less than 5) before the exam ended! At last, I wrote only 2 sentences for the 4th point.

Then, 30 minutes later after that, we sat for the last paper today. It was Paper 1, the Listening. I... was actually able to listen to the recording very clearly... but I just couldn't get the information from there, I was like unable to pay attention to them and failed to catch the answers required. I was so nervous, and since I didn't know the answer, I had to guess for most of them.
*After a short while we started our listening test, it started to rain suddenly! o.O Felt like the God was joking with us, you know, the rain stopped right after the exam! I said so because any sound would affect our ear to pay attention to the recording. aiyer..... *
*After the test, my friends who sat the exam in another classroom said that they were disturbed by many sources of sound, yes, My class was in a better situation but I just couldn't make it!*
So, after checking answers with my classmates, I found out that I had only answered 6 of them correctly, out of the 15 questions..... which meant, I didn't even get half of them correct!
I was so disappointed because I was once so confident to this test... T_T

My target was to get band 5 for MUET. But now, it seems like it's an impossible mission. If I get 15/15 for my listening, I may have chance to get band 5!
By the way, I'm worried that maybe I can't even get a band 4! .....
However, in fact, I didn't put much effort in MUET since last year. The things I did for MUET were write blogs frequently, read newspaper always, and only did exercise last minute (that was yesterday!). So I was overconfident to myself?
The only paper left now is the Paper 2, the Speaking. It will be on the 9th May. Okay, I will try to be relax so that I won't get nervous or panic to speak!
If I am able to get band 4 at least, I may decide not to resit the exam.



Blogger J|RaCH| said...

actually i always feel very proud 2 hv u as my jie.jie,i very proud of u! jie,dun think so much! over is over! jz look 4ward 4 the next test! paper 2 speaking test! jie, u can make it! remember u can b confidence but dun put too high hope. the most important is u try ur best dy then can dy. tat mean u do the best dy so nomatter wat's the result u also should feel happy cz u complete it wif trying ur best. but jie,i noe u can do it! i yakin! i'll b always giving u my full support! dun gv up! gambateh!

April 30, 2006 6:52 pm  

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