Friday, May 05, 2006

Thomas Cup yeah yeah

Before going home from school today, I had a speaking practice with my group. Next Tuesday, 9.5.06 will be the date we sit for our MUET speaking test. 20 of us will be sitting the test in the first session while the last one in my class name list have to join the second session. hehe, I'm in the first group! That means, I don't need to be quarantined and do nothing in the room, and can go home earlier~
If not mistaken, I only have to attend to school on Monday and Tuesday next week. Monday is a normal school day while Tuesday is the day I sit MUET, and then Wednesday & Thursday are the day of other upper six students to sit the speaking test, according to teacher, we only need to attend on the day we sit for the test. The coming Friday will be the Wesak Day, so it's a public holiday!
Okay, so I should use the free time to study hard, I'm so worried about my coming mid term exam... I'm quite afraid of it because I have a lot to study.... I was so lazy these days and had neglected my study, sigh... getting more stressful ....

Thomas Cup is the hottest sports now ~
my favourite sports is Badminton, although I cannot play very well. But I've learned it since I was in standard 2.
I don't have Astro at home so couldn't watch the matches before this. By the way, TV2 was showing live the Semi-final today! I had watched two matches just now, Malaysia vs Denmark. The first single match, Malaysia had lost to Denmark while for the second, the doubles, Malaysia won Denmark! The players all were sweating like a pig, especially the one plays single match!
After watching these two, the time was 6pm already.. so I changed to watch my favourite drama --> Triumph In The Sky~ yeah...
er... at the moment, I feel like want to play badminton again.. haha


Anonymous Jeanne said...

Too bad we had lost to the Danish in the semifinal, but we managed to beat their world's top doubles off by breaking their record of "0 loss" along their 28 matches this year.
That's incredible =D cheers for M'sia team~

May 06, 2006 4:20 pm  

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