Sunday, April 30, 2006


The first season's Project Superstar 绝对Superstar ended yesterday night, and the winner was John but not Desiree .... aiya...

Actually, I could go to the function to watch the Project Superstar Final at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam because Ning took 6 tickets for us to go together. 4 of my classmates went, but I didn't because my dad and mum wouldn't be happy if I did so. When I asked my dad, he said, it's up to you, you decide it on your own. Yes, when he said this, that meant he was not happy and generally that meant he didn't allow in fact. So, I decided not to disobey him lor... yea, I'm a good girl =p

Therefore, I could only watch it at home. yea... they sang so nicely... I like Desiree... and voted her twice. But John was the winner.
My aunt predicted it, because in our opinion, he's quite leng chai, so... there would be many xiu mui mui (those young crazy gals) supporting him by sms-ing nonstop crazily!
And normally the number 2 will be better in singing compared to the winner. And normally, people judge not only because of their singing but also their appearance.
Desiree was not leng lui enough, so... most of the guys and gals would prefer to vote the leng chai... right? haha... but I'm not oh =p
Well, I don't mean that John is not good, he's quite good, he has a good package too, just that his singing is not as good as Desiree's. So... it's still acceptable for him to be the winner lar.. haha

I hope Desiree will be able to have her own album one day too ~

and before that, I supported Winson de... haha.. he's not bad lar.. he's the runner up of male group too.


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