Saturday, May 06, 2006

你上一次称赞別人時, 是什么時候?

Watched 小孩不笨2 (I Not Stupid Too) yesterday night.
The story was so funny especially during the first part (first disc). It was very educational!
My tears dropped automatically for countless time when I was watching the second disc. It was so touching too...

Some moral value from the movie:
- everyone needs motivation, everyone wants to get recognised for their hard work.

- parents should spend more time with their children and try to understand them, don't be busy working until neglected their children's feeling and their needs...

- children need concerns and love, they want to be recognised and be praised for the hard work they had done.

- parents always make the same mistake. They used to praise us a lot when we were still young, when we were still babies. But when we grow older, they will become stingy to praise. Praising is a very effective way to motivate!
Why we want to be so stingy to praise someone instead of scolding? Sometimes, we don't just look at the bad but try to look at the good side!

some impressive sentences:

-[你上一次称赞別人時, 是什么時候?]..................
when do you last praise someone?

-[每个人心目中都有把锁, 你要找到钥匙才能开启別人的心窗]
there is a lock inside everyone's heart, to unlock it, you have to find the key.

-[当资源放錯了地方, 它会变成垃圾 ; 当垃圾放对了地方, 它会变成资源.]
when a source is placed wrongly, it will become a rubbish; when a rubbish is put at a correct place, it will become a source.

-FAMILY = Father And Mother I Love You

-[你的爸爸太爱你了, *叹气* 你的爸爸也太不会爱你]
- your father loves you too much, sigh... but at the same time, he doesn't know how to love you too

-if we throw away a rotten apple, then we will have nothing; but if we only cut off the rotten part, this apple is still a fine apple.


-there is no child who cannot learn, there are only the parents who don't know how to teach.

this story mainly wants to remind parents about their mistakes, but at the same time, we as children have to think of our mistakes too. Either our parents praise or scold us, they do that for our own good, isn't it? They do so because they care about us!

After finish watching this movie, my eyes swelled... lolz..... As you know, I'm a very sentimental girl, I always cry easily...
by the way, the boys are quite handsome =p

aiks... our Malaysia Team had lost to Denmark in Thomas Cup yesterday, so they can't enter the final match... aiya....



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