Tuesday, May 23, 2006

crap about exam

wow... it has been about one week time I didn't blog, amazing.. haha..
In fact, I have some time to blog during this one week, but there was nothing special happened and I had no mood to do so...
so why do I blog today? erm... because I will 'ponteng' tomorrow again, ei... my exam has not yet finished lar... the last subject will be on Thursday, it's Chemistry.
I did badly for the exam this time... I don't aim to get an A, but I hope at least I'm still able to pass all of the subjects. I admit that I was quite playful until I didn't prepare well for this mid year exam... sigh... Biology was the worst one, I'd just studied 3 chapters out of 11... o.O

Always, while sitting for the papers, I would be very panic and nervous when I don't know how to answer the questions in subjective, especially if I have not revised about the topic of that question before! In another case, if I have studied about it before, at least I still have some knowledge about it, even if I don't really know how to answer, I could still able to write something logical.

aiks... the days during exam are really suffering, especially for students like me, doing last minute work!
Want to sleep, but cannot sleep, because haven't do revision. So... study while drowsing in the middle of the night... hahaha... even cannot really remember what I've studied, but I will feel at ease before going to sleep. lol

back to SPM, I was studying for 11 subjects... now, for STPM, I am studying for 4 subjects only...
but... the same thing happens, I find time is not enough for me to study! oh... that means my time managment is too weak! Besides, I have become more playful... I think... aiyaya..

thanks to my mum... she was so caring! haha... cut some fruits and prepare some junk food too.... for me to eat while studying... it's weird that, I like to eat when study.. hope I will not gain any 'kg' afterwards :S


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