Wednesday, August 26, 2009

feeling LOST .... totally LOST

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Why I was so careless?

Without knowing what was really going on, I found my purse not with me only when I came back from school to the ground floor of the apartment I'm staying currently. That was when I needed the scanning card (which I put in the purse) for going up to the apartment unit by taking lift.

So, when and why the purse was not with me? I was very blur.... it was either left in the restaurant which I had my lunch or in the laboratory which I worked on my FYP. I walked back to these 2 places when I realised the OMG incident, but well... it's quite impossible to find it back if I really left the purse on the table etc. I remembered I had kept the purse, but it might fall out from the plastic bag etc. Or.... when I pulled out my labcoat which was placed in the same plastic bag with the purse, the purse was dropped and I didn't realise that. Well, of course I went back to check again, finally the answer was still negative.

I had tried to recall back but failed to trace. I had called many friends whom I was with during that period, but nobody could help me on that.... With great confused feeling + blur-ness + sadness + stressful + loneliness + helpless + lost-ness, I walked here and there.... and finally decided to go home. It was already 6++pm. I was struggling to make a police report or not. I was struggling to cancel my bankcards or not. At the end, I had made expensive calls to banks to block/cancel my ATM cards. I was told that in order to get a new ATM card, I need to pay RM12.......

Well, I couldn't accept the truth. Why I was so CARELESS???????
I can't even figure out HOW I lost the things....
There were many things inside T_T
IC and license... haiz...
Variety of cards...
my LIFT scanning card~~~~
Cash RM50, I don't really worry about this though...
(I'm not rich, but at this moment, it's not that important)

but luckily, I still had some little luck, my matrics card was still with me, because I had taken it out yesterday when I entered library and forgotten to put it back to purse.

So, now I am praying I can find the purse back. It's so so so important to me.

It is a BLACK leather purse/wallet.

I wish I really had put somewhere else and can find it back soon!

I wish it was not taken by somebody with bad intentions....

Purse ah Purse ah.... please come back to me~~~
I need you very much...........
I miss you.....

I slowly accept the truth...
but if you wanna come back to me without cash and bankcards,
never mind, but just come back to me...... with other cards...





Blogger KL村姑 said...

dont worry my dear...everything will be ok ^^

August 26, 2009 5:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there, u r microbiology students right?

does USM offer biochemistry?

what is the differences between these two?

btw, which one offer a better prospects?

hope to hear from you.=)


September 08, 2009 10:42 am  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

hi Raymond, hmmm

ya, i'm microbiology student.

USM does not offer biochemistry course, but it is offered as a paper for 1st year student... I had taken the paper before.

if not mistaken, UPM has offered that course. haha.. about prospect, I'm not so sure...

September 10, 2009 12:26 pm  

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