Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here comes another weekends...

However, Weekends are no longer Holiday for fellow third year students, including me working hard for our Final Year Project. Sigh....

Laboratory is another home for us, a place that we have to "report ourselves" almost everyday. I consider myself as lucky in the aspect of freedom. Compared to some of my friends who have to work at the lab at some certain time like early in the morning or late in the night, I could always choose the time I like, everything depends on me, and also the cultures progress of course. Although I am quite free to decide the time, I must always be responsible and take own initiative to complete the works.

It has been raining everyday and almost the whole day long recently. I thought I like rainy days... well, but now I have changed my mind. It's so inconvenient @@" and made me became so moody.

Just now in the lab, I was 'working' on the Lactophenol Cotton Blue staining in order to observe the fungus from pure culture. When I finally found something under the microscope and started to get excited in doing this chore, the supply of electricity for plugs etc was out of service @@". It was not a totally blackout, aircond, lighting etc were still working well. *swt*
This was another incident which made me feel that I am super unlucky recently....

Well, I felt that Rabbits (people who borned in 1987) are not lucky in doing many things this year. Or it might be our own attitudes that cause every bad things to happen?

For myself, I had lost many things in this year -- a pair of earrings, a 'gold' watch, and.... my wallet/purse T_T"
I dared to tell my parents about the recent loss only at the second day after the incident. I was scared that they would scold me. Yes, I disliked being lectured actually... and they always reminded me to be careful as they knew I am always a careless person.
Finally, I took the courage to call my parents. I felt so sorry when they didn't scold me at all. I am not a filial daughter... and let them worried so much about me. Suddenly I miss my parents greatly... how I wish I could see them instantly. I'm sure my dad would help and guide me to solve the problem......

FYI, my wallet/purse is not yet found, I guess it wouldn't come back to me anymore...
so far I had made a report at the Jabatan Keselamatan, the security deparment of USM about the loss, in order to increase the chance of getting it back besides as a proof that I really lost the things. My friends told me that I could straight away go to reapply the IC without making any police report since it was not stolen by someone.
Thanks to my junior Gui Song, for fetching me to the place to reapply the IC. It was a new building, Wisma Persekutuan, which was located opposite Wisma TNB, nearby KDU Penang; in Jalan Anson if not mistaken.

Well, I had paid RM50+RM10 for making the replacement. If I didn't bring along my Matrics Card, which helped to prove I am still a student/undergraduate of USM, I had to pay RM100 as a fine, for losing IC for the first time! Sigh.... fellow friends, you must really take good care of your IC!!!!!
Took an ugly photo swt.... and I was given a Temporary IC.... because I have to wait for one month to get the replacement~~~~ *swt*

Anyway... I have helped myself to overcome the bad feelings. Anyhow, losing a wallet/purse was not a big deal if compared to some other more serious incidents. I should feel lucky instead right?

I'm indeed sad and down over the bad incidents that happened. But what could it help if I continued to stay negative? I am already so blurred ... I must stay strong and get myself through the bad moments.

I will fight all of the NEGATIVES by being more POSITIVES ahhhhhhh


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