Friday, August 21, 2009

Field Trip

Last Wednesday, 12.08.09, I went on a real field trip to MARDI and a private paddy field, by the yellow Ford Ranger owned by School of Biological Science, USM.

It was a truly hot day, with hot hot sun. We went at 8.45am, across the Penang bridge to Seberang Perai. Our first destination was MARDI, went collected many many samples so that I wouldn't need to come again (yes, I hope there wouldn't be another round to collect sample, because it means I wasted my time to repeat the procedure).

me, with the yellow Ford Ranger, posed in front of MARDI

an unknown insect captured by me in MARDI

a big puffball found lying on the ground in MARDI

if not mistaken, it is an adult Green stink bug, Acrosternum hilare

there is an insect among the paddy seeds, could you spot it?
I think it's a rice bug

the insects were queue-ing up again...

Don't be mistaken that I am doing FYP on insects haha... Personally like photography and hence enjoy taking macro photos of these insects while collecting samples hehe...
Quality of these photos aren't as good as those taken by DSLR, but it's the maximum performance I have tried out okay.... hehe
and ya... I also edited the photos using nEO iMAGING software. It's quite easy to use oh.... haha... compared to Photoshop =p

After MARDI, we went to a private paddy field at the road side and continued taking some samples. It was my first experience to wear a pair of boots and stepped into the paddy field... o.O very muddy and it was hard to pull my leg out @@

the story behind this photo was, I was soaking my legs/boots in the mud...

It was a fun field trip, despite of the heatness. We went back to USM at about 1pm ~~~



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