Friday, August 21, 2009

USM Senior's Convocation 09

Last Wednesday till Sunday was USM Convocation Days 2009. There were a lot of seniors whom I knew and who had helped me a lot since I entered USM. However, I didn't manage to attend most of their convocations... I had only met a few of them... paiseh paiseh... especially the seniors I'd got to know in society activities~~~~~~

All of the seniors from the same school with me, School of Biological Science

Adrian Chek and Chong Sing
I got to know Adrian first through forum, and then he introduced me to Chong Sing. Chong Sing was like became my direct senior and gave me notes, slides, books etc F.O.C. at all.
hehe, I'm lucky to have these seniors =)

Ching Ching and Me
She was the ex-president of Japanese Language Society who guided me a lot. A nice president indeed! I 'accidentally' met her while I was on the way to meet my direct senior. Paiseh paiseh...

This was a bouquet of handmade flowers created by one of my roommate Ching Huey. She made it for days, specially for her dearest sister, Ching Ching! haha... Full with love oh... I like the flowers she made from papers...

For all of the seniors who helped and guided me since I entered USM, sincerely I wish you all a bright future ahead and be happy always oh... ^^


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