Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Day for TomYam + Shopping ^^

It's Mid-Semester Break now.... and it's already Thursday........

Most of my friends had grabbed the chance to go back their hometown, but my roommate and I didn't do so. She had/has many assignments to rush while I was forced to stay here because of my FYP. I had collected paddy seed samples again last Wednesday 12.08.09, and hence I should start the continuous laboratory works which cannot be stopped until certain step is reached; that means I wouldn't be free at most of the times during this whole week which is holiday to many undergraduates.

In the past few days, I was working in my Plant Pathology lab for hours.... phew.... really tiring and stressful, always dealing with autoclave, paddy seeds, fungus, bacteria, agar plates [Potato Dextrose Agar(PDA), Water Agar...], alcohol 70%, clorox 10%, wire loop, wire hook, aseptic technique, being burnt by bunsen fire, wearing labcoat, wearing sport shoe, laminar flow, sterile distilled water...... bla bla bla bla..... just crapping =p

Found a special thing on my PDA during isolation:

Nice right? hehe... it's a LOVE shape!
It grew out from the paddy seed, well, I hope that it's not a contaminant!
and well, is it Fungi or Bacteria?
At first I thought it's a fungus, but then.... hmm, let me investigate further ya...

I purposely made a plan for my lab work so that I could have some rest days...
Today, I needed not working in my lab. I grabbed the chance to catch some fresh (fresh? haha) air outside the campus and house. I hung out with my roommate, Bei Shan ( 我的枕边人哦)to Prangin Mall for the whole afternoon.

@@ Transport fee nowadays is really expensive lah ... The RAPID Penang cost us RM2 one way trip to Prangin Mall from Sg Dua, USM. Last time only cost us RM 1.50 eh...

We had our yummy lunch at a TomYam restaurant in Prangin Mall, 涮涮乐... huhu.... a very full lunch! We love tom yam very much~~~~ 爽啊

the food~~~~~

After filling our stomach, with great satisfaction we left the place and started our shopping plan!
oMg... my dear Bei Shan had spent a lot of money today! She was in excited state when she spotted those stuffs! She had bought 3 belts, 2 bags, a pair of shoes, a shirt+vest..... while my shopping result was not too bad, I had grabbed myself a 'black thin striped cardigan' (RM15.90), a long cloth (don't know how to describe haha)(RM15.90), a belt (RM12.50), and some 2 stuffs at Watson.

Spent too much lately, I must control myself more... but I felt that I have become better self-control today hahaha... I know if compared to other girls, I'm way too far to be called as a shopaholic anyway hehehehe

Yoyoyo... it was a nice day hehe... a day for two shopaholics hahaha

Us on the way back home, in Rapid Penang~
-took with my w660i mobile phone-
-edited using NeoImaging software!-
-I was wearing the black cardigan just bought!-

and lastly wanna thanks my roommate for cooking me a simple yet delicious dinner recently!


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