Monday, April 06, 2009

my 22nd Birthday

The 1st ever celebration was at about 00.10 hour of 2nd April 2009. It was a surprise given by my activity partners.

On the night of 1st April, we were organising an event called Li Ye 理夜, with the objective to bid farewell to the seniors of the Tiong Hua society. After the event ended, Anna, the ex-leader of Ge Yong Zu (choir) "commanded" all members of the group to gather around. Wow, she was kinda serious in speaking haha...
Mana tau after almost everyone came around, suddenly a cake appeared into vision... lolz... then everyone started to smile ^^

They had planned to celebrate our birthdays - Bei Shan and Shi Ning's on 2nd April; while mine on 3rd April. 3 of us are really lucky to know each other well and got closer because of Ge Yong Zu!
In fact, 3 of us had already known that they would celebrate for us because, Siew Ping had already sent a sms to us saying sorry that she couldn't join us before 12am lolz! Anyway, we were really happy to have this celebration hehe ^^

At first, I had agreed Bei Shan and Shi Ning to go for a Karaoke session at Gurney Plaza at the morning of 2nd April. Who knows, bad luck happened which many people attended the Li Ye the day before had serious diarrhea! We guess it was caused by the curry chicken @@...
Shi Ning was one of the victim, she was very sick that morning. While Bei Shan was quite ok, and I ... hmm, I failed to wake up although I had set many alarms and even Bei Shan called me more than 10 times... Automatically I woke up at about 12.30pm, when I had stomachache... lolz! However, I was just having mild ache...
(as a committee member, We are really sorry for this kind of incident to happen, Sorry...)
At last, we changed our plan to only watch movie at Queensbay.

At night, I was rushing the lab book of microbial genetics... It was very torturing but, of course I was very happy and thankful to receive wishes from my friends and best buddies, in MSN, SMS, Friendster, Facebook etc... also phone calls... xp

It's too bad that I didn't manage to finish the lab book in time as I was too playful.... although I just had 1.5hours sleep...
As a result, I just completed it in a "cincai" manner...swt =.="
I submitted the lab book about half hour later, and hence for fairness purpose, I volunteerily requested my total marks to be deducted... or I scared the GA wouldn't even accept the work.

oh ya, thanks Swee Cheng for your pretty necklace, with a blink blink microphone pendant! You're way too sincere leh, purposely came to my room just to give me that present! thanks!

At 1pm of 3rd April, my direct junior YM invited me for lunch. She let me to decide which restaurant to dine in, at last I chose KFC because it was a long gap I didn't have my meal there. Thanks for her treat and a cute bookmark as my birthday present o, the snowman is really cute hoho...
Next, I took Rapid Penang to Queensbay mall. Yes, again I went to Queensbay mall. I purposely went there, skipping lecture, to meet my best friend Jin. She came here to meet her bf "Mak" who is currently having industrial training at INTEL here.

Since he was unable to fetch her on time, I went to fetch her and we had tea time together at Kim Gary. Hehe... I also had my lunch at Kim Gary for the first time in my life the day before. However, since I think it was quite worthwhile to apply its card, finally I paid RM15 for this. What I got besides the card was a RM5 voucher and because it was my birthday, I also received a 50% discount voucher! wow~ we could use the card for 10% discount on every meal except during public holiday and weekends.
Thanks Jin for the treat and also the necklace with cherry pendant oh ^^

Hehe... at about 6.30pm, her bf came to fetch us and they dropped me at my next destination, Hidden Recipe at Sg. Dua. My gang of coursemates had planned for a birthday celebration for Me, TSK and DSL.

TSK's 21st birthday fell on 4th April while DSL's 21st birthday falls on 12nd April. It was an early celebration for them since many of us would unable to make it on the exact date.
That dinner and presents + cake had cost my fellow coursemates a lot I guess haha. I really like the colourful cake, it was very nice! hehe...

After the full dinner, we went to Hong (red), a K-box which alcohol is a-must place. LWW was "cheated" to join us as he thought it was supper session; while NZC didn't join us. In fact I wished to go back and sleep as I was seriously lacked of sleep; But I knew as a birthday star, I should continue .......

Okay, my alcohol-consuming record: shandy of course, a mouthful of carlsberg when I was young which I hated much; and kampai/fruit juice with 5% alcohol by Langkawi seaside in year 2006.

That night, I was quite worried that I would become drunk. Luckily I didn't! I had consumed few glasses... hmm, maybe about 3~5 glasses of Tiger beer. It was not as bitter as carlsberg I think. hmm...


(I know some of you might be surprised, hearing I went to drink alcohol huh... in fact when my brother told this to my dad, my dad was unhappy =.=")

After that, we continued the celebration to JempuTree, where we had our real supper. Thanks Ann and her bf, Huey, LBK, LWW, Ming, NZC, and Tzyin for the whole night birthday celebration!

And it was how we ended our Semester study.... entering the STUDY WEEK~~~~
--- my wishes?
Get my heart on study, I must study hard la !
Don't ever lose anything again, I mean... objects that I possess? Because I had lost many things during the whole semester, like one of the earring, a golden watch, a pair of earphone and lastly my Tupperware water container! swt....
and hope that everyone has a healthy body ^^
Wish that happiness that I own now can last.....