Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Law of Attraction of 50% Discount~!

Having a 50% discount voucher, valid for 6 people dining at Kim Gary Restaurant... and without using it, I guess it would be a regret and what a waste!

Hehe... bearing this in mind, I told myself I must find a chance to use it wohoo... However, the period of availability is only 7 days before and after my birthday, and I must bring along my Identity card (sure I have to bring it haha...) and Kim Gary Card (yes, to show that I'm a member).

Of course I wouldn't be selfish, it would be fun to enjoy the delicious food with my friends. At first I asked my coursemates, well... without wasting any second for study, they had no mood to purposely go to shopping mall just to enjoy the food.
Ok then, I asked Bei Shan and Shallin... too pity that Bei Shan had fallen sick suddenly... and Shallin was lazy to go too.
At last, my fellow juniors who like to enjoy food very much agreed to go with me! hehe... Thanks Gui Song for fetching us oh ~ Thanks Xuan Yi, Maryann, Lai Kuan, and Pui Fun for going along too ^^

We had a full and yummy "lunch" (it was after 2pm, should it be called as teatime?). Since 6 of us were entitled to 50% discount, the total amount to pay was only about RM63 (yes, please double this amount to obtain original cost).

Hehe... tell you oh, what I had eaten was a combo hot plate set meal, which consists of 3 kinds of meats: chicken, pork and fish, 所谓的海(fish in sea)、陆(pig on land)、空(chicken in the sky?)。。。with corn, potato wedges, cauliflower, tomato ; and a dessert, a glass of HK style Teh Ais, a "cup" of cream soup and a garlic bread!
Imagine how full was I when I finished my food! Its original price was RM23.90 with 5% service charge. With 50% discount, I just needed to pay RM12.55! ohohoho...

hmm... yes, I'm now having my study week.... which I treated it like my resting week... swt =.="
To tell the truth, I have an assignment to rush and it has to be passed up by next Monday = the first paper to sit, T_T

my Timetable for my 2nd year 2nd semester's Final Exam:
13/4 ~ Immunology (core)
15/4 ~ Microbial Genetics (core)
20/4~ Microbial Physiology and Nutrition (core)
23/4~ English (university course)
24/4~ Techniques in Biotechnology (elective)
30/4~ Organizational Behaviour (minor)

I know I must study hard... just failed to get in the mood ...
I know the consequences...
I know I must get GPA of at least 3.0
I know.... I will adjust and chase it back soon
haiz... I must be responsible to myself!

Fellow friends, "add oil"~!


Anonymous puifun said...

thanks 4 ur coupon, if not, v wouldn't get 2 enjoy 50% off 4 such a great lunch...haha..n need 2 thanks Guisong 4 fetch us there also :)

April 10, 2009 2:49 am  
Blogger 开心果??? said... nice...i cant eat...damn sad loh...haiz....

April 10, 2009 12:25 pm  
Anonymous ZeeroKnight said... need thx no need thx..instead after receiving such a nice meal, i wan to thank all for joining and relaxing a while from all the homework and studies, and i wan to thank my senior for the tempting 50% discount..which help to attract so many people, wan to thank kimgary for making the restaurant, thank the staff for sending the discount coupon and thanks to God for creating Queensbay..THX! >.<

April 10, 2009 8:47 pm  

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