Wednesday, October 29, 2008

oh... Sara~

Last Friday, 24.10.08, was the last day of Semester 1 of academic year 08/09, also the last day of my 3rd semester in USM (if excluding the study week and exam period).

I had to attend the early English lesson every Friday, at 8.20am (in fact it was 8am, but our dear teacher Sara delayed the time). As usual, I attended the very last lesson.

Hmm... our teacher (well, actually she didn't want us to call her as teacher or madam etc, she requested us to call her as Sara only...) didn't prepare anything to teach us that day.
As promised, she had baked a chocolate cake for us, and she allowed us to eat while listening to her... wow, yummy!
haha...What we had did was only chit-chatting... of course she was the one who talked the most... she's a funny, talkative and humorous teacher! She also told us something related to the English language paper in the final exam, our course work consists of 50% while another 50% depends on final exam.

Thanks to our nice teacher, she seldom give us homework to do... lolz xp


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