Thursday, October 02, 2008

Luv family =x

Feeling good at home...
I enjoy watching HK drama together with my brothers, not alone.
I enjoy laughing with my brothers, sharing joy together.
I enjoy trying out SUDOKUs with my brothers, complicated but fun.

Two days ago my mum was the 'chef of the night' who prepared the dinner! The food was delicious! yummy yummy!
Well, it was supposed not a surprising news, but to me it was a special dinner. I rarely have chance to eat the dishes cooked by mum. Maybe about once a year? or even less maybe. Don't misunderstand, it is only because she has no time to come home to cook, normally it is my grandma or aunt or recently my dad who cook for us.

Yesterday was public holiday for Hari Raya. My mum suggested to go shopping at OneUtama, since 3 of us siblings were here, and also my mum wanted me to have chance taking photo of the beautiful decoration.
At first I was quite lazy to go, but when thought of it was a family outing with all family members, we must go! haha.... I like the family-as-a-whole feel very much.

Wow, although many people had already gone back their hometown, the people went shopping were not less at all.

Magnificent mosque huh... the decoration @ 1U shopping mall is always nice; a lot of money must have been spent on this matter

I really enjoy spending time with my family very much now. I cherish every moments spent with my siblings and parents. As the time I stay away from home increase, I understand more the importance of my parents, my dear younger brothers in my life.
I miss them very much while I was alone at my hostel, especially I was down facing some problems.

I don't have the mood to study at all, really, haiz....
These days, I was busy watching the HK drama. Now, there is only one more day left before I going "back" to USM again to "fight". I must control myself from lazying without doing any work. I have piles of tasks awaiting me T_T. I must adjust rest mode to ready mode again to rush my works.... what a totally different mood to adapt...

Anyway, I guess my mind is quite clear now, I won't think of this and that anymore now, unlike in the past month being confused of my feeling.


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