Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home again hoohoo

Reached home yesterday at about 3pm! yohoo...
again, home sweet home ^^
Almost all of the students would have a one-week holiday for Hari Raya~

I went back here with 3 of my coursemates - Ming, LWW and Xiao Wei. With friends' I was not alone yay.... I never went on long journey alone eh.. a bit scary, sweat.... not independent enough!

oh... my roommate must be missing her home far at China very much! So sorry to leave her alone in the room, but luckily she still has a best friend at hostel.... hope she is still able to enjoy her holiday and take a good rest, since both of us were busy everyday and were lacked of sleep!

I have tests after this holiday, yet I don't have the mood to study, OmG!Besides, again I have 3 lab reports to rush....
then, I also have 2 meeting reports to be done....
Not to forget Calculus tutorials, Virology assignment

ooooohhhh.. no! I am still lazy-ing around now... I have planned to watch the lately-super-famous HK drama - 家好月圆... can I do that without doing the important tasks?! aiyoyo.... so far I'm still busy updating my laptop with the newest albums.... =.="

Today I went to Midvalley with my dear family~ but it was incomplete without my younger brother. However, we did visit him at Carrefour Midvalley, he worked part time job recently.

where is my younger brother YU?
hahaha.... he ... was inside that cute pinky elephant! wuhoo... wakaka...
The salary is a hard-earnt money!

this was the decoration for Hari Raya @ Midvalley centre court.
quite nice, with the local kampung style...
but pay attention on the coconut tree facing us in this photo, it's not continuous connected at the top, if you able to notice it!

Took this photo on the connecting bridge of the Garden and Midvalley megamall.
My daddy parked the car at The Garden because most of the parking bays at Midvalley were FULL.

I hope I am able to once again adjust my mood and feelings during this short holiday. I want to be a cheerful, happy go lucky, and lovely girl! =p
I know I can do it! hehe
*I must control my diet too! Starting to be fat again haiz....!


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