Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cashier Life

My working life as a cashier had ended on the last Sunday, 1st June 2008.
The bookfest had lasted for 9 days... our first day working as a cashier was on the 24th May, a Saturday, also the first day of the event, which many bookworms came and bought many books and hence heavy workload for us, the fresh cashiers.

On that day, many problems occured, firstly we were inexperienced, secondly, the pricing problems such as the price stated on the book was not the same as it was in the system, also, the credit card machine connection problem etc... Delays happened and hence it took us long time to clear the queue.... I tried to be fast but sometimes things just do not happen as we wished, the opposite effect took place when I pressed the wrong button on the keyboard.

On the second day, Sunday, the same things repeated... the crowd was massive, the purchase power was high, the queue was long........

When it came to the normal weekdays, the crowd had become far more less compared with weekends'! We couldn't feel the coldness on weekends but on weekdays, extremely cold! The average purchase power had reduced as most of the customers were of students who bought few books only.

It was time for us to correct the pricing problems... etc.... I was glad that at least our company had taken at least some steps trying to solve the problems so that the same long queues wouldn't happen again on the last Saturday and Sunday!
Some more counters were set up, more packers were employed, pricing problems reduced much, and fellow cashiers had become more experienced, and to prevent long queue problems, each of us only had half hour break for lunch and dinner respectively....

I am glad that I did take the challenge to work as a cashier, I had gained much experience from this part time job! I am satisfied with my job performance, of the 8 days working as cashier (one day off duty of the 9-day event), I'd got the total amount of the money received same with the total sales for 6 days!
The first day I was blur blur... so it was my first mistake... but it was okay because the money was over, not short! The second mistake was over 5cents... haha... so, not a big matter and I knew the reason! Happy oh, because I didn't need to pay for any shortage keke...
Mission Completed!

I'm missing the 11-day working life now... although at first I kinda relunctant to work as cashier... it's far.... needed to wake up early, back home late....

Once adapted to long-hour standing + cashiering system + filling forms + correct ways counting money, I felt that this job actually quite suitable for me, I didn't need to promote things like a promoter (some little exception to promote the recycle bag), it's busy but not as boring as those "exhibitor" to just standing there alone and looking around...
we could chat with the packers and other cashiers standing nearby lolz...
We had nice supervisors too!
Thanks to Desmond and Ah Horng, and Qian =)

Working environment is very important to me, I like to mix with people around, I need to talk. I enjoyed the job very much because the people around me were very nice! I didn't need to do any prevention worrying people will steal away my money or things... they are truly friendly and nice! They are quite "pure" haha... most of us have about the same "background", poor (is it? lolz), still studying and most are studying at local University too.
The fellow supervisors were treating us nice too, they were quite patient and humorous!

On the last day of working, we took the opportunity to take photos... hehe... supervisors didn't stop us from doing so! Of course, we did it during non-peak hours lah....keke... the best way to catch the good memories... ^^

my first nice new friend, Xin Yi... knew her on the first working day for setting up the event, she comes from Penang =p
we were having our lunch in the cafe in exhibition hall.

me, Lian Chee, Kit Man, Mei Fong and Seow Huey.
4 of them are my coursemate(Ming)'s friends lolz

nice colleagues I had, missing them!
Horng the supervisor, Shiau Yun, Jing Ru, me, Shu Jing, Jing Fen, Li Qing, Shu Wen, Desmond the cashier supervisor.

Ching and I... without her "encouragement", I might not work as the cashier lolz....

My good partner, Jing Fen, studying Pharmacy @ UKM! wow..

I was the cashier and she was the packer between me and Shiau Yun.

Met quite lots of old friends there while working haha
The people I know who were also working there were Mak, Mei Kuan, Edwin (my coursemate).
I myself had bought some stationery, very cheap! Also some books.... and a Jay's old original dvd with mv for only RM9.90!

At the bookfest, I had also won a pair of tickets to watch DREAMZ at Genting Highland, it's a special magic show with storyline... hmm.. the ticket price worth RM130 each! How did I get them? I showed the proof that I had registered as a member of AMBP (All Malaysian Bloggers Project) and then got a chance to have lucky draw!
Well, I hope my parents will grab the chance and go dating haha... if not I go alone meh? aiyo....

So far, the part-time job done:
1. My aunt's "personal" assistant @ Elken Stockist [after SPM]
2. Operator @ Alarm company--TYCO ADT [after STPM, 2 months]
3. Telemarketer @ Alarm company--TYCO ADT [after STPM, 1 month]
4. Temporary Relief Teacher @ SJK (c) Desa Jaya [after STPM, 2 months]
5. Cashier @ BookFest KLCC Convention Centre [long sem break after 1 year of University life, 11 days]
6. Always help my mum and dad at their small old bookshop since young haha....

hehe... not bad huh, I've gained much experience and some little money from doing part-time job =p



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