Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MUM's day

How my family celebrated Mother's Day?
Last Sunday, my aunts, youngest brother and I went to Sunway Pyramid for Elken's Total Beauty Carnival... my brother and I were just assistants, working as 'part-timers' lolz...

At night, the whole family didn't go out for dinner; instead, my parents and younger brother Yu went to " Medan Selera Happy City" a big food court in Metro Prima, Kepong to Dabao (take away) varieties of food! hehe...
It was my daddy's idea as could save the time to wait long at restaurant just to have an expensive dinner, and hence save money too besides having rich varieties~! oh, my dad is just too creative hehe~

These few years... I didn't give any present to my mum during Mother's Day,
I'm a bad daughter huh... including this year too..

Although I seems not SHY at all as a friend, maybe I'm a shy daughter... I didn't dare to say Mummy I love you... so, I did nothing that day....
But I do love her, I do respect her, I am trying to do my best in my life (still trying hard) to be a good daughter, I hope I won't make her disappointed!

Although we seldom meet, we were and are not staying together, I do miss her always...
I'm glad that the relationship between my mum and I is not affected by the physical distance between us.
whenever I am down, automatically I will turn to my mum... especially after I entered University and started my life at foreign state, which is quite far away from home. I didn't realise I do miss my parents until I had to stand on my own feet....
Although I have quite lots of secrets didn't tell her haha... =p

Thanks Mum! and my Grandma too!
Wish every MUM in the world happy always!


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