Saturday, May 17, 2008

Teachers' Day

Woke up at 7.30am.. wah, so early lolz.....
Fetched Hoon and went to my dear secondary school SMK Taman Ehsan, solely to visit our fellow teachers!

Yeah.. Yesterday was Teachers' Day~ 16th May
Right after stepping into the school compound after 1 year, we found that the 'clock tower' built by my batch was different in colour again and this time added extra structures...
from brown to green and to brown again~
from having a small 'pond' to become a pyramid below the tower..
well, it's a good modification actually....

yo... behind is the newest edition of our SMKTE clock tower..
(but the time seems incorrect....)
We wore our batch's form 6 society's T-shirt to school haha..

Met and chatted with teachers... hehe... many of them could still remember us v^^v
And today there was a retirement ceremony for Mr Wong too... he was my form 5 physics teacher =p
and wow... I sang the national anthem and SMKTE song too... suddenly some old memories reappeared in my mind... haha... kinda nostalgic huh...

The meaning of Teachers' Day is getting less nowadays, the number of students attended had become less too.... it was like teachers were 'SS-ing" ....
Anyhow, hoping that the students and parents would realise the sacrifice given by teachers.... although not all of them are that responsible...

I was once a teacher too! quite responsible one lol... =p


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