Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All PASS! yeah~

wow... our USM 2nd semester provisional result of Academic Year 07/08 is now released! I've just checked it.... oh, what a relief I've got all subjects PASS!
(Provisional result just provides us the result of Pass or Fail, without marks)

However.... pass doesn't mean Pass with flying colour... maybe some are just by the edge of failure ~.~;
The full results will only be known on the 27th May... I guess by that time too I will know which major I can get.
Pray hard~~

Also, I've known which hostel I'm given.... it's still Cahaya Gemilang, the one I stayed last time for two semesters... but not yet known which block and room...
My ex-roommate (CCN) failed to get the same.... while Huey is same with me...
I should be glad that I could get back this hostel, but I'm worried and confused instead.
What should I do now? I am thinking to change to the "far far away" R.S.T. hostel... because after every activity in night, I will have to walk back ALONE to my very-near C.G. hostel in the campus; while the others will walk back in BIG GANG to their "far far away" R.S.T. hostel....
sigh... it will be a long procedure to change hostel.... and many paperworks too..
Depends... still long time to consider.... because nothing can be done now, have to wait till the time back to USM.

Two days ago was Monday, Ching and I went to Bandar Tasik Selatan by KTM.... and had an "interview" at the taxi stand there....
hehe.. we will be working for the Book Fest KLCC which will be held on the 24th May - 1st June 2008... Do come and visit me? =p
RM2 per entry ya.. don't forget you need to pay for a booklet haha...
That period I will be very suffered, because I will need to wake up early and pack myself in the KTM + LRT to KLCC, then may be only back to home by 12am!
haiz... @@
Will be attending a training at Popular HQ next week...

Lol... during the "interview" yesterday, I met my USM friend's friends! wow... what a coincidence! well.. I never know them before but felt that their looks were familiar.... I saw them before in photos! =p
After the "interview", Ching and I went Midvalley again lolz.....
This was my 3rd time to Midvalley since I'm back to home!


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