Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy 21st B'day HOON ^^

15.05.08 Thursday

Yo... today is my dear best friend -- Yap Hoon's 21st Birthday!

hehe... She is lucky oh.. I said so because everyone of us is back to hometown KL already, so we could celebrate her birthday together! hehe!
Again, our 'yumcha' location is Gasoline Kepong, we just came here one week ago...

Too bad, unfortunately both Hoon and I had some accidents there because somewhere of the floor was steep and slippery.... but I think she and I are still okay, no hurts.. but paiseh haha.... =p

Happy 21st Birthday my gal =

left to right ....
Me, May, Siow Teng, Yin Ning, Jin, Nee, Ching, Hoon

Long time didn't see Teng and Ning! hehe... this was All-girls night ha...
In fact, at first my plan was to celebrate Hoon's birthday at GreenBox Sg.Wang.. but many couldn't make it so I cancelled and changed the plan...

Oh ya.... Happy Birthday to Neo too.... whose birthday is on the 16th May =p
16th May is also Teachers' Day! Happy Teachers' Day!
I will be visiting teachers later (after wake up in morning haha)
A good day for students to skip schooling lolz~


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