Monday, April 28, 2008

Alor Star Trip - 1st day

Day 1 -- 22.04.08 Tuesday

Just finished final exam the day before lol.... met my friends at Sg. Dua guard house at 10.45am and then took bus to Jetty. Aaron, Ming, WeeWang and I were following ShiYen back to her hometown at Alor Star, Kedah; while YanFen was going to Sungai Petani to find her friend before going back to KL. 6 of us were taking ferry to Butterworth together.

Then, 5 of us (except YanFen) took Transnational express bus to Alor Star, paid RM7.50 for the ticket and the journey took us 1.5 hours. On the way to Alor Star, we could see many paddy fields which are hardly could be seen in cities, it would be nice if the paddy was not yet been harvested....

ShiYen's daddy went to fetch us... and we had our late lunch at her house ^^ yoyo... 'home' feel! hehe...
Shi Yen was forced by us to perform some piano playing after that.. she could play it quite well although she had not practised it for long! We also had some chatting with her parents, they were very nice people!

The place we stayed there was just nearby their house, it was Shi Yen's grandma house which nobody staying now. wow.. it's really a good accommodation for us! =)

Since we were short of time, we were only able to visit two places. First destination was Paddy Museum (Muzium Padi; National Rice Museum). Paid RM2 for the entrance and RM3 for the approval to take photos.
It was too bad as my camera was malfunctioned =.=" ... luckily, Wee Wang had just bought a new mobile phone k800i with 3.2 Megapixels camera! If not.... no photos for memory!

However, the people in charged suspected us using two cameras while we had only paid for one camera... in fact, mine was really cannot be used at all, I proved to him and finally, the matter was settled but was 'lectured'.

Me, Ming, Shi Yen, Aaron, Wee Wang

Pretending to view scenery...haha.. looks real huh?

After climbing staircases, we reached a round-shaped room, with nice backgrounds, which are actually the actual scenery around this paddy museum. These backgrounds were drawings (murals?)... and they looked quite real, as if we were looking the real ones surrounding this whole building. The outer ring of the round ground could move slowly for visitors to admire the scenery by merely sitting on the chairs haha....

Ming and me... Did I look like a malay girl? =.="

wah.... doing hard work -- ploughing haha...
Again, quite real hor?

we tried the first timer-shooting using Wee Wang's k800i hehe...

'sayang sayang' the lion lolz...not bad, my lower legs -- calves looked slim keke..

nice background wor... (is that Gunung Keriang? I'm not sure haha)

All these were taken outside the museum..

another photo taken using timer function =p

After taking photos, we departed to the next destination -- Gunung Keriang.. the place where many crystals are sold. However, we just walked around and took a look at those crystals but didn't buy any.

After that, Shi Yen sent us back to her house (oh ya, she was our driver hehe). We were planning to have our dinner at a seafood restaurant! However, it was raining heavily suddenly.... we waited some whiles and then her dad and mum respectively drove a car and fetched us to the restaurant. Wow... we had a very full dinner, and the food was indeed yummy and cheap! This dinner had only cost RM80+ for 7 of us! Thanks for Shi Yen's daddy for treating us this yummy dinner!

If it was not raining, initially we planned to visit Alor Star Tower after that. Since it was, we had to cancel that plan and went back to rest. 5 of us took turn to take bath and were lazying on the sofas to watch TV.... it was very cozy and relaxing! Everyone of us were quite tired because lacked of sleep, we just finished the exam the day before! Therefore, we didn't sleep at late hour... we need lots of energy the next day kekeke!



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