Sunday, May 04, 2008


没有啦,因为又是自作自受咯,有的给我睡又不早点睡!一整天空闲到。。。在夜晚又不愿去会周公,每天都凌晨四、五点才入眠,太阳晒到屁股时才愿起床 =.=" aiyoyo...

What had I done... hmmm
Everyday I will go and meet my mum at bookshop, have my breakfast/lunch there after I woke up, chat with her and read some magazines/comics.

Then the whole afternoon will be lazying around at home... mostly online or sleep again... it's very hot too in KL now... aiks I guess Penang is no longer that hot now but the hotness has been brought to KL by me lolz.

Other than going online, I also watched drama.... I had finished watching "Dou Niu, Yao Bu Yao" 斗牛,要不要...... it's quite nice, but taiwanese dramas are always of slower pace, and kinda different from real cruel world..

I had been busy dealing with my laptop few days ago... After one year of usage, my dear hubby laptop had been attacked by various types of viruses and spywares, it had fallen sick... many settings had been changed....
I tried to repair it but failed, and almost installed a second windows... At the end, I tried upgrading it... however, the Windows couldn't be loaded at all =.="
Final step, format......! And I had used much time to reinstall the programmes... almost the whole day!

However, at least the whole settings become normal now hehe... last time, my mouse's right and left click setting had become opposite (which couldn't be changed in control panel), system restore malfunctioned, C and D drives couldn't be open directly by double clicking on the icons.... etc...!

Yesterday watched the grand final of Project Superstar "绝对Superstar" season 3... although didn't watch all of the episodes before..... the girl named Kay won oh.. she's quite pretty and has sweet nice voice.. not bad la, at least this season a girl won, break the last two seasons' record haha...

Today I've just finished reading a novel borrowed from Wee Wang -- 藤井树的《六弄咖啡馆》.... it's nice... laughed a lot while reading this book... however, the ending is quite surprising....

Still thinking what job to do.... headache ah....
Other than that, I still have to think about society's activities planning... sigh.. I cannot forget to plan! haha.. cham... aiks...

I have not met up any of my best friends yet! oh... other than being with my family (and went to Tesco nearby The Curve last week, went Midvalley just now), I didn't hang up or yumcha with friend till today... hope to see them as fast as possible!


Blogger ^newhopes^ said...

Hey yee leng

My first comment here - surprised huh? I will meet you when I return to Malaysia...wait for me!!

May 07, 2008 7:31 am  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

haha.. ok ok.. c how ya... hope to meet u too =)

May 09, 2008 1:15 am  

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