Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alor Star Trip - 2nd day

Day 2 -- 23rd April 2008 Wednesday

Woke up at 8++am, waited everyone to be well prepared, then walked to the Pasar Pagi nearby and had our breakfast. Then, after short discussion, we decided to stay one more day here!

At first we had planned to have only 2Days 1Night trip, but then it would be a rush for us and might miss some places... Then, we bought shirts at Pasar Pagi since some of us had only brought one set of clothes here....

After that, we took some rests and played cards.....and by the time we were prepared to go out, it was late noon already..
The first destination was Tun Dr. Mahathir's birth place! It was open for public to visit, without collecting any fees.

Then, Shi Yen brought us to a restaurant, like a yumcha place and we had lunch. The restaurant was not bad except for its higher charge, just like the price in KL.

Then, our next destination was Lye Huat Garden 来发公园. It was quite far from town, and located along the highway. Each adult ticket costs RM10, but since we are students, we paid only RM8 per person.
It's quite cheap actually, because this garden was not merely a garden, but with animals and some antiques/statues.

there are many statues of this kind... lol.. each of us chose one to take photo with...

Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses @ Lye Huat Garden..
this photo was taken while testing the timer... our poses not bad huh, cool!

Another timer-capture... at the bridge...

Ming and Me.... like Thai emperors? (Thai.. because of the elephants?)
The elephant-shaped statues... had been vandalized.... some plants like cactus too... too bad la those people..

too far? haha... timer again..

near this time... timer...
Everyone of us comes from different places oh

timer again lolz... traditional musical instruments?

Aaron, Ming, Wee Wang

We took a lot of photos there.. and actually Wee Wang's mobile phone was almost out of battery, we even brought along the charger and charged the mobile phone for minutes there kekeke...

There were lots of animals! But I lazy to upload those photos here... such as tiger, crocodiles, deers, various types of birds, snakes, swans, even dogs!
There's an aquarium too!

Before going off.....

After long walk in this beautiful garden, we were planning to go for 'kayak-ing'. We were searching the lake saw by roadside (highway)..

Finally.. we reached the garden! The only purpose we went there was to 'kayak'... hoho... each of us paid RM3. Ming wanted to kayak by his own, while Wee Wang with Shi Yen; Aaron and me.
It was a good experience, at first we didn't know to control kayak at all... haha... the scenery was very great! At the end, Aaron and I could kayak the fastest among us hehe...

It was already 8++pm by the time we had our dinner, each of us ordered a set of steak and all of us shared a bowl of tomyam! Yummy...!!!
Then we went to the very last destination of the trip -- Alor Star Tower (Menara Alor Star)

Adult ticket RM6.. student like us RM4, however only Wee Wang and I brought along the Matrics card, others didn't bring... we must show the card to get the student price.

Before this, I didn't know there is a tower in Kedah lolz... paiseh...
Nothing much could be done other than observing the night scenery of Kedah.. and also observed through the telescope; while enjoying the wind blowing...

Asked help from staff there to take this photo...

Too bad it was too dark to take photo of the whole tower from outside. After enough observation done, we went back to the house.
Again, we took turn to take bath.... and watched tv... and looked the photographs taken! Shi Yen brought her laptop and Wee Wang transferred the photos to the laptop through bluetooth.



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