Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Dong Zhi !

I'd become a tour guide this afternoon haha... Ching and her family is currently on Penang Island visiting their relatives..
They came to visit me too... and I guided them to drive around in the USM campus..... heehee... thanks for willing to visit me ^^

Today is Winder Solstice Day.. but I don't have any TangYuan to eat =(
even, I just had maggie mee to eat as my dinner... sigh...
Anyway... Happy Dong Zhi to everyone~

Actually I could opt to go home, as Thursday was Hari Haji, a public holiday; and all of the classes yesterday (Friday) was cancelled for the courses we're taking..., and this coming Tuesday is Christmas Day... Huey has already back to KL on Wednesday....

but then I have just back to USM about one week time, and have already started 2nd semester study... it's like wasting time and money, besides increasing risk of occurence of accidents etc... and I have nothing to do at home... unlike some people who have so many friends to hang out, or have to accompany their boyfriends/girlfriends... you may say I have lots of friends... maybe that's true but not 100%... whenever I wanna find somebody to hang out or what, I could never find anyone.. am I that bad? aiks.

Even last semester break, the two weeks I was in KL... I didn't go out that frequent as what I'd expected... I was just staying at home most of the time and went online and online..... what's the difference between stay at home online and stay at hostel online?!!!!

There are more disadvantages than benefits... in addition, my parents wouldn't be happy if I go home again in such a short time...
Anyway, thanks my dear daddy and my handsome youngest brother for sending me back to this 2nd home again on 14th December...

On the hari Haji that day.. 20th Dec, I went to Queensbay Mall with my roommate and her friends/coursemates... it took us almost 1 hour time to wait for the rapid penang U705... @@"
There were many people as it was a public holiday.. and I'd bought two clothes from VOIR with some discounts after times of trying... it was my first time to buy something of this brand...

The Christmas decoration there was quite nice, with the special-upside-down, chandeliar like christmas tree at its centre court..
*now, there are so less people in my hostel =.="
the whole USM... is not noisy at all... scary .. and no food available.. *sweat*



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