Thursday, December 13, 2007

Midvalley -- of long pants hunting!

Yesterday, I asked Jin, May and Ching to go shopping together at Midvalley ^^
Other than shopping, the 2nd mission was to see the christmas decoration there...

So far, the places I've been visited are Pavilion, Sg. Wang, Berjaya Times Square, KLCC, One Utama, Midvalley!
Personally like the decoration at One Utama the most ^^, the giant christmas Toy Soldier is really cute huhu.... and the photos taken there are very nice too..
*if I'm not mistaken, the decoration at Sunway Pyramid is very nice too.. too bad that I am not able to go there and other places such as The Curve etc..

After today's visit, I (Jin said so first) found that the Christmas decoration at Midvalley is not as good as last year's.. and it's weird as it made us felt that we are not having christmas soon but Halloween =p
However, the efforts they put are still more than KLCC's etc... in my opinion...

Best friends @ Midvalley

Jin & I

May & I

Ching & I

There were many people shopping at Midvalley today (now is having year-end sales..)... people are having holiday mood... (my holiday is going to end so soon haiz..)
I was busy searching suitable long pants & jeans .. as actually I didn't have enough long pants to wear... I need them to attend lectures etc...

After hours of hunting + in and out of the fitting rooms for about 10 times I guess, finally I bought 2 long pants and a jeans in Jusco... for RM125.90..
OMG... I'm so poor now....

Thanks my best friends for accompanying me the whole afternoon to walk and walk... hehe... I'm happy muahaha.... at least my mission is completed although no $$ ler..

*oh ya, I met someone again!.... right after I entered the KTM from Kepong Sentral KTM Station, someone kept calling my name... looked and found that she was my USM coursemate! What a coincident again! lolz... what if I didn't enter that coach, then I wouldn't meet her...
She's Yan Fen, stays at Rawang.. ah ya, she was the one who supposed to be Huey's roommate at Saujana hostel,the far far away hostel... haha... *



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