Saturday, November 10, 2007


phew phew phew!

I was about to blog just now.. at about 1.30am, my hostel alarm rang suddenly........
Then, I opened the door to see what was happening.... what I saw was smoke @@"... smelly smoke!
I became panic and the thing appeared in my mind was to put important things into my bag and RUN!
So, immediately I switched off the laptop without shutting down.. then put into the bag.. but then I went out of my room to do 'research' again.. it was not really a fire, but none of us could figure out where did the smoke come from...

Almost everyone in the block came out of their rooms to seek for what was happening...
After the people in charged reached our place within few minutes, they stopped the ringing and checked to search the causes..
However, result was..... UNKNOWN... =.="
They had only suspected it was short-circuit or what... I don't know @@

Now... I don't dare to sleep.. because Once I fall asleep, I can't wake up easily even though there is noisy sounds etc... what if there is a fire and nobody wake me up???!!!!
how how how...
Coincidently my roommate is not around.... OMG.... choi choi choi... okay... I hope nothing will happen... and hope I won't sleep so soundly like a pig.... if not later become a barbeque pork T_T

Pack my very-important things in a bag first! If anything happen, just RUN after taking that bag!


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