Thursday, November 01, 2007


phew..... today finally I can have a good rest~!

Since the day I came back to USM to prepare for my final exam, I didn't have proper and enough sleep! Roommate and I always studied together till late night, we have become nocturnal @@...
Sometimes, she went to sleep, while I was still studying... and vice versa... conclusion is, we seldom turn off the light while sleeping!
Anyway, I'm glad that both of us have about the same habits, so we could live and tolerate each other well... for sure we had hard time during studying, but studying together was rather a happy moment lolz.. we even ate mee in the room while studying at 2am!

A final exam could ruin my life... whoever said university life is so easy? It's to comfort those sitting stpm!! For the short period of merely about 3 - 4 months, the notes to read are so many... like all prefer, once sat for the exam, the things learnt can be forgotten as they are no longer tested on the coming semester...

oOps... I should say I myself not really very well-adapted to this kind of life. The old problems still remained, I do things slow, I am weak in managing myself, my time, my emotion, my health problems, my face (with so many pimples now...again...) etc.
I had even drank two cups of coffee per day for the past few days... reasons? 1st, maybe to keep me stay awake.... 2nd, whenever thinking of studying, coffee would be first appear in my mind.. 3rd, I like to drink coffee... 4th, simply want to drink something... 5th, can't resist of coffee's aroma, addiction!! etc!

again, sendiri cari pasal.... again, who ask you not to study during the free time at home... and again, everything is in your hand, it's up to you whether you wanna do the best in your life...
speechless huh....

As I told, I had had my 3rd paper today... and the coming up would be on the 16th November, which is about two weeks later! It's Biostatistics and I hope I can get an A for it! Since the time available to prepare this subject is so long... of course my target is to get an A, my last test for it was 50/50 wakaka.... but the 1st one was only a B though...

Although I'm aiming a high target now, it's impossible for me to study all day long continuously for two weeks.... surely I would go somewhere with my friends (oh, not again ah yee leng... be careful, control yourself! remember your target!)

How did I do my exam papers? ehm.. so far... ... I don't think I can get any A from them.... sigh... maybe ecology is still possible... hoping that I won't flunk any of them... I don't want to retake any of the papers!

there's a nice sentence I found in my ecology book:
All things come from earth, and to earth they all return.
MENANDER (342-290 B.C.)


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