Sunday, November 04, 2007

Birthday Celebrations & Hang Outs~

30.10.07 Tuesday
After sitting the exam for Ecology, we went in a big group to a chinese restaurant at roadside to celebrate Wei Wang's 2oth birthday~!

There were 13 of us -- Wei Wang, Ming, Kuang, Siong Loong, Chin, Huey, Shi Yen, Wei Kit & Jye Ying, Yen Ying, Wei Cher, Boon Kuan, and Me!

We had a big full dinner... and being so relax..... although we were going to have Organic Chemistry and Bahasa Malaysia's exams on Thursday!

2.11.07 Friday
My coursemates and I went to Gurney plaza to celebrate Jye Ying's birthday. Siong Loong fetched 6 of us (Kuang, Wang, Ming, Chin, Huey and I!!!!) by his MyVi car lolz... 5 of us were so packed at the hind seats; while Wei Kit fetched Yen Ying and the character of the day -- Jye Ying, who is also his girlfriend (they become couple recently ... ya, they didn't know each other before entering USM!).

Ming, Yen Ying, Jye Ying (the birthday girl) and Kuang

Other than few of us, there were others (whom were not close to my gang) present and sang Karaoke at Redbox together too... we requested for two rooms so that everyone could have chance to sing more frequently..
After that, some of us went to walk around and then watched movie together. Haiz.... majority of them prefer watching horror movie and there goes another one with 18SG -- 30 Days of Night
To me, it's a scary movie, undead again appear in this movie...

I seldom watch horror/scary/ghost-story movie since young. Just because I watched once the Child's Play (if I'm not mistaken, it's that movie..), then I threw away my newly-bought barbie doll after I dreamt about my doll moving its leg @@!
So, I avoid to watch any scary movie so that I won't think/imagine so much... since I always stay awake to study/online etc in the late night...!

At night, Wei Kit + Wei Cher + Siong Loong who are local Penang people brought us to eat delicious western food at Hai Nan Western Sbh 80I, Jalan Mount Erskine, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
This restaurant had been introduced in Astro AEC《阿贤人情味II》.
Well, overall, the price is affordable and reasonable... thumbs up! We are so lucky to know some of the local people.. hohoho....

the special herbal tea sold in this restaurant... it was my first time to drink such drink in glass bottle! Normally it is cooked instantly everyday but seems like it's commercially produced now..
This is the barbeque chicken I ordered... not bad~ it's just RM7

Next, we went to Batu Ferringhi! We just walked along the open-air sidewalk bazaar.. and bought 'something' to watch... hohoho....
It's a tiring day... but we were so relaxing and happy to hang out together! hehe.. lots of laughter although we had to pack ourselves closely in the not-big-sized MYVI car... lolz...



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