Thursday, November 08, 2007

Met My Net Friend -- Zoez

Finally I went to Queensbay Mall of Penang Island today!
haha... I didn't go to this shopping mall before during these few months stay in Penang Island... generally, Queensbay Mall is kinda like another Midvalley, but.. should be not as huge as Midvalley I guess... just the pattern/design makes me felt so.. there's a Jusco too..

Finally, I could meet my net friend too! That's why I went to Queensbay Mall ....
She is Zoez.. a net friend I have known for few years... but I have forgotten where did we know each other and how did we start our first conversation... lolz..
She's from Penang, and one of my coursemate, Wei Kit is her friend!
We had tried to find a suitable time to meet each other for times but failed...

After waiting for 45 minutes alone at bus stop outside USM today, I took the Rapid Penang U705 to Queensbay Mall by paying RM1.
Queensbay isn't really very far away from USM, and it's located by the seaside too..

We met at 12pm, and two of her best friends came too... well, I didn't know them at all..
However, after introductions, they have become my friends now... hopefully I will still remember them in the future days haha... they are Rui Ying and Pei Yan (I just spell their names according to Han Yu Pin Yin).
Pei Yan is also a 1st year USM undergraduate, and is my roommate's coursemate too!

4 of us had our lunch at Taiwan Bull Restaurant and then had a window shopping...
Before that, we were planning to order set lunch of Thursday at Paddington House of Pancakes, recommended by Zoez... however, the set lunch was not prepared for today as it was a public holiday... actually we had already sat down and were looking at the menus! lolz... but then without set lunch that set in Zoez's mind, although paiseh.. we still 'ran away' from that restaurant...
In Taiwan Bull Restaurant, we ordered two bowls of desserts, a bowl of noodles, a bowl of rice and a plate of fried chicken (in small pieces)... ahm.. I forgot their names... and 4 of us shared the food amongst ourselves~ hoho... the food here was kinda expensive, and it's not very very delicious... the best amongst the food ordered today was the fried chicken in small pieces...

I think my ability to get new friend is quite good, I could mix very well with 3 of them although it was my first time to meet 3 of them! Can't deny that there were some times 3 of them talking among themselves as I didn't know the persons they were talking about...

It was just a short meeting, and Pei Yan's parents sent me back to my hostel then! haha... it saved my trouble to wait bus alone for long time!

Me & Zoez...
ops.. it's a backlight photo and was taken by using my lousy mobile phone's 0.3mp camera... so, just bear with it okay heehee..

Oh ya... Happy Deepavali to everyone ^^
I know I should study... I bear it in my mind but no practical steps are taken yet =p


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