Sunday, November 04, 2007

One Day Trip @ Butterworth

Yesterday -- 3.11.07, in the morning, Chin fetched Ming, Wang and me to back her home with her at Butterworth~ It's my first time to go to pay a visit to Butterworth~ She purposely drove her car from home to USM so that she didn't need to take trouble and waste time to wait for bus to reach the examination building. Normally she goes home by taking bus and ferry. Again, we are so lucky to know someone from Penang... and she's from another part of Penang -- Butterworth, which is not the part of Penang Island, so we need to across the Penang bridge to there...

First, she brought us to have our breakfast at the morning Market (pasar pagi) at Taman Bunga Raya Butterworth nearby her house. The stalls (not only foodstalls, but also the ones selling clothes etc) there were so many...! I had a bowl of Kari mee.. wow, it's quite special as sotong, prawns and cockle... with only RM2.60, not bad~

Then, we visited some shops and also SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth! It was Chin's ex high school... and I have heard about this famous school for a long time...
When we wanna enter the school, the guards asked us for our identity and the purpose to enter... ahaha.. we said we were there to take certificates =p

And.. who knows suddenly we met the principals there on our way to toilet =.=
Of course we didn't tell lie and told her that 3 of us were there to accompany Chin to take her cert (did she? hmm.. haha..)... we were so worried and 'scared'... lolz.. the principals comforted us and said she asked just to know, and she scared the form 6 students sitting MUET exam would be disturbed (as we were passing by the wrong place... haha..)

took this inside the car, this is SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth

After that, we left the school and went to Chin's house.... and of course we helped her to move her luggages too... so good of us XD
Her parents were so kind to us and were very friendly too.. we even ate our lunch there, yummy yummy... thanks to Chin's mum!

Then, Chin drove another car -- Wira (just now was Kancil) and we paid a visit to the 北海斗母宫,Tow Boo Kong = NINE EMPEROR GODS TEMPLE OF BUTTERWORTH

It's very magnificent and grand! In fact, the construction work is still in progress... it's not fully built yet...
We had taken quite many photos there lolz.... aiyo, go temple just to take photos.. bad huh...

Chin, Ming, Wang inside the Tow Boo Kong

Chin and I with the nice dragon pole

Two of us again.... the background is "百子图"

this is the front view of Tow Boo Kong, 北海斗母宫

Then, we went to the new big shopping mall -- Sunway Carnival Mall.... (aha... shopping mall again...)... hmm... when I entered the mall, I felt like the mall logo and the toilet design were so familiar... aha... they are similar to the Sunway Pyramid 2's (Sunway Pyramid 2 is the expansion new wing from existing Sunway Pyramid 1, I had visited it once during the recent study week while I was at KL haha..).

After checking on websites, I found that this Sunway Carnival Mall is managed under the aegis of Sunway Pyramid Sdn Bhd and wholly owned by Sunway Carnival Sdn Bhd (according to The Star).
We spent much time at the Popular Bookstore there and I had bought a book written by Liu Yong 刘墉, the title was 爱是一种美丽的疼痛 (Love is a beautiful pain?)... suddenly felt like reading his articles hehe... and the book seems nice, although I had seen this before half year ago...

After having dinner -- Jawa Mee at roadside stall, Chin wanted to send us to Jetty. But something bad happened, the Honda car in front ours reversed and knocked Chin's wira front, while were waiting to turn into the main road from the junction.
According to the aunty who drove that Honda, she worried that her car might be knocked by others as it had occupied quite a lot of the main straight road, hence she tried to reverse a bit but didn't notice we were at the back!

Luckily Chin's Wira was still fine, that aunty's Honda was even more damaged actually... and that aunty had paid RM50 to her for repairing... and also attached a contact card...

This was my first time to ride on the big ferry back to Penang Island, cost RM1.20.
*my first experience of taking ride on ferry was last year to Langkawi Island*

Next, we took Rapid Penang at about 7.30pm from the jetty back to USM by paying RM1.50..
The two gentlemen Ming and Wang walked with me back to my hostel.... they insisted so although I kept asking them to walk back to their hostel straight away as theirs are the farthest away (R.S.T!).... Thanks ya guys^^

the sea view and the penang bridge seen from ferry...

this was the ferry next to the one I was at when we reached the jetty of Penang Island

To tell the truth, I do scare to walk 'home' alone as it's indeed very dark at somewhere... and some "bad incidents" did happen on some girls before... with their companions, I did feel safe...
Unlike the times I walked alone... I did it before few times in the midnight after running events.... it's so scary and I kept thinking negatively while walking on the deserted paths and scared myself until even ran back on the half way... lolz..
you know la... I don't really want to trouble others to purposely send me back... while I can do it.... haha....

Thanks to Zui Chin for spending your whole day time to be our tour guide! muacks ^^


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