Friday, October 19, 2007

Bad Day for my Younger Brother

Yesterday was a bad day for my younger brother Yu.
At night, he called me asking me whether I was free to fetch him at Kepong Sentral KTM station. After 30minutes when he almost reached the station, he called me again so I should start going to the station from the house. I was feeling weird that the call number from him was not his mobile phone number.

When I fetched him at the station (oh, I am still able to drive manual car hoho..), he told me his mobile phone was stolen =.="
He was using Nokia 3230 which he bought for about 1k..
While he was chatting with his friend in the crowded KTM, an aunty was sitting on his left. I guess he was too busy chatting without realizing that aunty had unzipped his trouser's side pocket and took away his Nokia 3230!

In addition to that, he was falling sick too... haiz...
Since young my younger brother always lost his things... what a careless brother! aiyaya....

However, Kepong area is not a very safe place.... last few weeks ago, May's bag was grabbed away by two guys riding on a motorcycle. Since we stayed here, my second aunt have had few experiences being robbed...
So... we must really becareful all the time, no matter where do you go.. be aware of the people around you!


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