Tuesday, June 05, 2007

no Internet Access

On afternoon of 4th June, Monday, it was raining very heavily and thundering. I was reading old newspaper in the room.
Then suddenly, the lightning struck my house (again! always "kena" my house). If I didn't remember wrongly, I saw sparkle from the cable of the table fan, just right in front of me! Right after that, I could smell something burning... then there was the sudden power failure.
The sound of thunder was so loud that my ears were kinda painful after that @@"

Luckily I didn't on my laptop / desktop by that time... and I did unplug the phone line from the DSL modem. However, I couldn't go online since then.... because the phone line has no dial tone!
Besides this problem, the DVD player which was bought two days before was unable to function too! Weird though, the table fan can still function well! O.o

haiz... I called 100, the number of TM to make the report of phone line fault.... by using the fixed line at my parents' bookshop, and I am typing this post there too....
We cannot call the number "100" by using mobile phone...!
hmm... when will the fault be fixed?
The life with Internet during holiday is boring...
The life without Internet during holiday is worse @@


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