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Islands Trip: Departure night + Day 1

Departure night: 17.5.07

I rushed home right after the school off (don't forget I'm still working as a teacher!), took bath, ate while packed my things (not yet finished packing by that time!)......
In one hour time, Nee's mum came to fetch me, we would go to Putra station by KTM from Kepong Sentral.

WE all gathered at 8pm and took the train there.

WE= Nee, May, Jin & Mak, Hoon, Xiao Ling (not her real name, she's May & Hoon's colleague at BrightKid), Kian Yong, Kean Wah, Yunn Zhi, Lee Wen & Siew Hoe, and of course me myself.

At KTM station, we met Nee's friends -- Poi Yun & his boyfriend JiN (oh, another Jin ah... call him as JiN-guy? haha..)... and now the total of people going = 14!
Together we walked to Hentian Putra (Bus Station), with the big & heavy bags. We were so panting after walking such a long distance (not really far actually, but needed to walk upstairs... and the luggage was indeed heavy).

At about 9.37pm, the bus started to move to our destination -- Kuala Besut!

cute Nee & leng lui Zhi in the Mahligai bus..

Day 1 -- 18.5.07

1.10am, the Mahligai bus stopped at a "warung" nearby Gua Musang. I have to say, the driver was driving dangerously! He kept applying brake as he was driving the bus in the middle of the one way roads whenever there was no car from the front, so when the opposite coming cars appeared, he had to apply the brake then drove back to his own lane @@"

There was once our bus almost came into collision with a lorry! ~.~ luckily no accident happened! I was so worried till I failed to fall asleep.
By the way, after that break, that driver went to rest at the back, another driver took the turn to drive, phew.... this driver was driving far better than the previous one!

At about 3am, our bus stopped once again for a while at a petrol station.... then there was no stop until we reached the Kuala Besut at 4.20am. haiz.. it was the time I was sleeping soundly!

Nee, the organiser called our travel agent -- Mr Ong Bu Hang from Lovely Travels & Tours and we waited him to 'welcome' us. He brought us to his office, asked us to keep our bags there for temporary. We then changed our shoes to slippers before going for breakfast at the shop next to the office at 5am.

The restaurant was Restoran Makanan Laut Lucky, we had our breakfast there.... I ate a plate of meehoon (in small amount only) while some of them were drinking milo only... The boss didn't charge us by observing what we took, he only counted it with us after we finished eating o.O .... and everything was done by self-service. and.... haha... his maths was kinda weak I think, it's better to help him in the 'addition'!

is it the shark teeth?

Next, we went to wait the sunrise, but ... the sky was covered with thick clouds... haiz....

After taking our life jackets and diving mask with snorkel (a shaped tube), and also our luggage too, we went to the Perhentian Island by speed boat at 7.50am. After about 45 minutes, we reached the Perhentian Island!

while waiting Mr Ong to 'wake up' and opened the office for us again...

on the way to Perhentian Island by speedboat! see the hair? haha.. we were having hairstyling..

from this angle, does this look like a whale? or maybe a fish?

woah.... the sea water was indeed clean and clear! It's a big difference if compared with the one in PD (port dickson -.-'').

a self-taken photo by using the digital camera...

oh? Zhi also inside the photo oh..she was standing not next to me eh...

Our accomodation was Fauna Beach Chalet, which is so so so nearby the sea.... it's just at the beach!
Overall, I am quite satisfied with the chalet, it's cleaner than the one I stayed at Langkawi last year (5 months ago! haha..).

However, the sound isolator was bad enough.... Jin & I stayed in the same chalet; Zhi & Hoon stayed in the chalet next to ours which was attached together. We could hear whatever they said... but if they talked with lower volume, we could only hear the mumble lah...

We settled down and had a walk.... then at about 11am, Hoon, Zhi & I had our brunch (although we had our breakfast already..) at the restaurant of the chalet. I had a plate of Mee Mamak RM4.80 (included the 5% tax), it was quite delicious and I must say the price was quite reasonable... it's more or less the same with KL's... except for the drinks here).

Zhi, Hoon, Xiao Ling (not her real name.. but everyone calls her like that)

can you see my leg through the sea water?!

my Mee Mamak.... YUMmy!!!

After filling the stomach, we felt sleepy... haha... were lack of sleeping lah... actually at first we didn't want to sleep, however once I laid on the bed, I fell asleep lolz... then Hoon & Zhi the same too.... 2 of them and I 'tertidur' in their room.

At 2pm, all gathered at the beach, we went for snorkeling~!
Firstly, Mr Ong brought us to somewhere shallow to learn snorkeling. We learnt to wear the mask, how to use the equipments.... then we went to 4 spots to see the marine lives....

Together with 14 people of us were another 8 people from another gang who we didn't know at all, they all went to the places with us but by another speedboat. Hoon and few other girls were quite afraid of water, they didn't know to swim at all (in fact I don't know to swim too, but I'm not afraid of water like them, I know some skill to swim, it's just that I failed to float in the water =.=", means I don't knwo to swim lah... aiyo. hahah), so the 'beachboy' a.k.a our speedboats' drivers = divers = good swimmers helped to guide them, 'drag' them to the correct place to see the nice marine lives...

*it's hard to 'swim' on my own.... I should seek help from them!*

It's so fun to 'swim' together with the fishes! We seldom have the chance to contact with those marine fishes so closely.... ahaha...
We could see many Sea Cucumber 海参 too! woo.... those 'beachboy' scared us by throwing those sea cucumbers to us =.=;

we .... wearing the mask & snorkel + life jacket !

We went back to our place at 6pm, too bad to say we couldn't see the sunrise or sunset from here ...
Since we were already wet, we continued 'playing' at the seaside....

After taking bath at 7pm, we went for dinner in big gang at that restaurant (the chalet's). I had eaten a plate of seafood Fried rice + a glass of watermelon, total was RM10 (tax included).

The next programme was.... 'drawing' a LOVE shape in the sand, making the 'drain' and placed the candles (with the iron holders) inside it. We took many photos with this beautiful we-made LOVE. We attracted some passerby to see too... ahaha...

*everyone of us slept quite early, by 12am!
*there were 3 couples in our gang!
1st: Mak & Jin
2nd: Lee Wen & Siew Hoe
3rd: JiN guy & Poi Yun

special effect! lolz... the JiN guy + Poi Yun couple sitting inside the LOVE!

this was taken by using my k700i mobile phone... my camera was out of battery ..



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Mahligai bus no good :p
It's been a week adi, time really passed so fast~~~ miss our good days at perhentian ^^

May 24, 2007 7:44 pm  

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