Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh yes~ got my salary ^o^

kekeke... I've received the cheque today -- for the salary of "3 days of March + April"~
*it's the benefit of being employed by PIBG, can get the money faster... my friends who have been working since January, have not yet received their pay!

As I wished, I'm quite busy this week!
Last time I was a substitute class teacher as a teacher was on leave because of chickenpox right?
and since yesterday, I've become the substitute class teacher for 2W... because their teacher is having... Chickenpox too! haha..
well, it's not coincident actually... this 2W teacher is the younger sister of that teacher who had the chickenpox I mentioned! and... she is the one I said whose birthday is on the same day with mine, just that she's one year older than me lolz

So, again I've to plan what to teach and help to mark books. Besides, I need to collect money also for those who want to order the student monthly newspapers/magazines etc...
In addition to that, I'd to go to school earlier today, to teach the standard 3's cocurriculum - Boy Scouts, as this is also one of Her job.

Tomorrow, I will need to go to school earlier too. All of the afternoon session teachers are required to attend the meeting at 10.30am.

Afterall, being busy isn't bad ... it helps me to forget the time of waiting... waiting.... for the result of Local University application!
*there were few people asking me, oh how was it ah? I heard the news saying that your result of Local University application is out already wor...
"they" are more "concerned" about mine more than my parents and myself!
Please lah... that one is for Diploma courses applied by SPM holders...!
I do wish mine can be known now.... still need to wait for more than one-month long... maybe it will be released at the 4th week of June.



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