Wednesday, May 16, 2007


15.5.07 Tuesday

It was Hoon's 2oth birthday. We went to a 'restaurant' -- Tee-a-Tee to celebrate (not really a celebration, but more like a normal yumcha session...).

I'd given the present to Hoon months ago, it was a 1Gb Kingston thumbdrive, shared by few of us.

The people who attended the gathering yesterday were Ching, May, "Jin & Mak", "Goh & Huey", Wei Jie and me.... and Hoon Hoon of course!

Goh & Huey had just back from Pulau Tioman few days ago (they went with Huey's ex-classmates & friends)~ woo... they've become dark. Surely we will become dark too =.="

We had discussed about the trip to Pulau Perhentian, Redang & Lang Tengah.

We would gather at Kepong Sentral KTM station on Thursday night. Then, 14 of us would take the KTM to Putra station, next we would go to Kuala Besut by bus.

*I forgot to bring along my purse ... and hence my... License! phew~ luckily there was no road block @@;

Hedwig, Huey, Hoon ^_^

Happy Birthday to my dear Hoon Hoon, muacks~

below was the testimonial I wrote for her in friendster ^^

hey 20th birthday girl... *ohohoo*
although the age is 'semakin meningkat', but your look is still young.. so no worry for you la... wakakaka...

Seems like we will no longer have chance to sit side by side in the classroom like what we did for the past 5.5 years.... haiz...
aries n taurus are good partners in working you n me =)
I'm really lucky to have you by my side for the past... you've helped me a lot... and listened to my 'rungutan' ..

hope that this taurus girl won't forget me that easily after this july... although I know you seldom contact people geh, but randomly send me a sms lo... hor.. haha..ok la...

Happy byebye to Teen years ya.. haha

Happy Birthday to Neo too...
His birthday is 16th May, just a day after Hoon's. so He's a Taurus guy~
Happy becoming 21 years old, the adulthood haha...


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