Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wesak Day 卫塞节

At about 6.45pm yesterday, Goh & Huey reached my house. We then walked together (I was the super spotlight there!) to the temple nearby the SJK (c) Desa Jaya -- 三保寺
After taking the candles and a paper cup with hole, we took part in the ceremonial bathing of the statue of baby Prince Siddhartha = 浴佛 (which is placed in a basin of perfumed water strewn with flowers).

*The Buddhists scoop the perfumed water with a ladle and pour it over the statue. This act of bathing symbolises the purification of one's unwholesome actions.*

There, we met Wei Jie & his gang... I met my friend Lina & Ching (but she didn't want to join the procession) too...
We came over here purposely to join the street procession. We lighted the candle and inserted into the hole of the paper cup (so that the hot-melting wax wouldn't burn our hands).
At first, I walked together with Huey & Goh, May Jing, Wei Jie and his gang... on the half way, Jin finally joined us as she was late because of Some Special Reason.. haha...

oh ya... during the procession, I met many familiar persons, some of them were my juniors, some were my schoolmates but I didn't really know them well lah...

Devotees will light oil lamps, lanterns and candles, and make offerings of flowers. Lighting lanterns and candles signifies dispelling darkness, symbolising an attainment of wisdom in this and the next life.
Walking in a procession helps to develop your mindfulness and encourages good thoughts which eventually radiate from you to others around you. People are comfortable with gatherings in the midst of a colourful setting nowadays. But Wesak is much more than that. It's about inner spiritual development.

After walking for long distance, and it was almost near the end; few of us turned into the left at the junction to my house.. haha. Next, we rested a while (hmm.. I sweated a bit only... weird..) then Goh fetched us (Huey, Jin, Jing, Wei Jie & me) go for eating & drinking session at Taman Daya (somewhere nearby Hoon's house).

these days... when there are holiday, I'm kinda 'wuliao' bored at home... haiz...
listening to cds (music), sleeping, sitting in front of computer while marking books... bla bla bla.. but kinda lonely ... hmm... seems like I prefer working at school and busy teaching the little cute students hoho...
Recently there's a teacher on leave as she is having chickenpox. So I entered her class this week and be the class teacher of 2H~ hehe... but wah.... there are many books not yet been marked! So again, I have many books to mark also~
Last Monday, I purposely find some homework for them to do ngek ngek *evil grin*... Aiya I'm not that bad lah actually, since there are 2 days of holiday, I must let them do something (not much what..)so that they wouldn't waste more time on playing!


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