Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm coming, Perhentian + Redang + Lang Tengah!

fuyoh.... continuously blogging for hours... ! and the time now is 5.24am! @@"

I will be going to Pulau Perhentian + Redang + Lang Tengah tonight.... so I must blog before playing haha...
so, enjoy the photo and the posts ya.. haha

by the way, I haven't finished packing my 'luggage'! haiyo.... 'cham liao'.. later wake up in the late morning, then go working/teaching, next rush home then take bath, finally check again the checklist for the things to bring and wait/or to be waited to go to KTM station to gather =p

oh... really tired now..... see ya.... hope for no-raining days so I can enjoy my trips ahahaha...
and wish everything goes smooth too ^^
Safety first (I don't know swimming okay! ) =.="



Anonymous mingyen said...

Hey girl! Wanted to let you know that I stopped by! HOpe you had a great time at the pulaos.

May 17, 2007 5:35 am  

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