Sunday, May 13, 2007

Midvalley (x2)

At 11am yesterday morning, Jin came to fetch me and we went to Midvalley by KTM (yeah, only two of us hehe).

er... I did mention that I might be going on a trip to Perhentian right? so, actually both of us went to Midvalley was to buy something for the trip like some junk food and sunblock...

Normally we go out in a bigger gang but this time only Jin and me oh~ lolz... However, other than buying those stuffs, I'd bought a blouse which is suitable for working and casual wearing.... while Jin had also bought a dress at the same shop -- Comma ,

Besides, I had bought a special gadget -- Wrist Support and it's a hippopotamus toy which also can be used as a 'paper weight' (lolz, just because it's not light).
*I purposely bought this as my brothers and I always play computer, it's very uncomfortable to use the mouse for long hours.... my wrist needs support as it's now painful whenever I move the mouse!
Together with this, I bought a pair of cute small-sized soft-toys, totally was RM 26.70 at Memory Lane.

the cute cute Hippopotamus wrist support haha

We went back at about 4pm after shopping at Carrefour.

and you know what, I went to Midvalley again today! lolz.... in fact, I had gone there last Sunday too.....
I went there with my family on both of these Sundays (family days). But we chose Midvalley because my younger brother is working there but not the same job as last time, now he sells mp3 & mp4 at IT world, so we could fetch him back together too.
lolz, although I had shopped with Jin, I bought things too today.

At Carrefour, I bought a disposable underwater camera for RM35, but it can only take 27 photos! Last Sunday, I wanted to buy it but there was no stock. Yesterday I didn't check it out at Carrefour but at other shop and it was too expensive (the same thing).
Besides, I bought a pair of slippers so that I can wear it at the beach.
oh ya, Jusco is having big Sales now! I bought a pair of shoe at RM20 only, after 50% discount!

Although today is Mother's Day... urgh.... paiseh to say I didn't give anything to my mum =.="
It's like that ... almost all children would make a card on their own and give to their mum... including me when I was still 'young'... haiz..... What can I give her now, at this age?

However, at least I spend quite a lot of time with her recently. I'm 'guai' lo.... I am so independent since 'young', seldom make them worry about me especially my study (except form 6 I guess.. I'm the opposite to the normal kids...hmm).

I didn't become bad at the teen years.. even though I was/am not staying with my parents... I help to teach my younger brothers..... so, could they be the best presents to her?


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