Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Teacher's Day!

hey hey.. I'm so happy today! I've my very very first own experience for having the Teacher's Day as a teacher, not as a student!

16th May, the teacher's day.... in the past, I was still a student, and was trying to 'ponteng' on that day if possible.... during secondary study... lolz....

In the early morning, all of the teachers from afternoon session had to attend to school at 7am! It's because there was a Teacher's Day so called celebration held in the morning session.
Too bad to say that it was a raining morning.... it's such a torture to drag myself up from the sweet dreams & the warm bed....

By putting up my umbrella, I walked to school at about 6.55am. I was lack of sleep @@"...
At about 7.45am, the ceremony finally started, and the location changed to the indoor - the hall, as it was still raining... All of the teachers were given a seat on the stage, while the standard 6 students were asked to present and 'watch' the ceremony.
All we teachers did was just sitting there and listened to the 'speech'.. as usual...(the 'message' to be read).

oh... a boring morning, after about one hour, the ceremony ended, and all afternoon teachers could choose to stay till the teaching hours or opt to go home then return school again. Few of us went away from the school and visited our own secondary school haha...
Met few of our teachers... chatted a while... wandered a while.... we are also teachers lolz... so we wished each other Happy Teacher's Day lolz

We also saw some of the newest batch of form 6 students, they are our juniors' juniors who just entered lower 6 on 15th May, yesterday...
According to teachers, there were only about 70 of them at this moment... o.O; and there are 4 classes -- 2 Sciences (biology or physics) and 2 Arts ..... maybe the number of students would increase months later as some of the students haven't registered themselves...

oh ya, since we hadn't had our breakfast (kesiannya, our school didn't provide us any meal oh..), we ate RM1 Nasi Lemak at SMK Taman Ehsan! ahaha... more than half year I didn't eat it already...

Besides, we had met our own form 6 seniors there, they were Fiona, Wei Quan, Chun Kit, CKY & LWL.
wah... Every batch of the form 6 presented huh... First batch are my seniors, 2nd batch are us, 3rd are the Upper 6 students currently, and the 4th are the Lower 6 students!

I went back to primary school at 11am as I had to teach the standard 3 class co-curriculum again... I'd just helped to teach a class yesterday actually.. aiks.. it's the life being a relief teacher lo..
*the co-curriculum started from 11.30am to 12.30pm*

By the way, I was quite happy today because:

1st: May Jing & I had taken a photo with our own standard 4,5 & 6's class teacher! 任老师!

2nd: I'd received a rose from a 1S student!

3rd: I'd received 2 bottles of lotions (in a box) from a 1S student too!
*I'd just entered the 1S class for once yesterday, and today the second time, and they gave me the present!

4th: A standard 1 student (I forgot which class he's from) gave me a handmade paper star and a piece of printed square-sized paper... ahaha, this boy is very cute one, he says goodbye to me everyday when I walked down from the office while going home!

5th: A pair of twins from 1C class gave me 2 red pens + a love-shaped card! They are actually the son & daughter of the teacher sitting beside me in the office.
She said, when she helped them to prepare the presents, she asked which teacher they wanted to give the presents to.... She thought there are only 4 teachers who teach them ... then her son and daughter said 谢老师 also taught them before, 'you forgot liao ah? neh.. when our form teacher fell sick that time, 谢老师 taught us!'

Yee Leng (me), 任老师, May Jing
任老师 is a very good teacher, because of she, we are who we are!
Both of us were her studentst since standard 4 - 6... Jin & Ching too!

the first ever Rose I received from someone, thanks the 1S cute little girl ^^

The rose, the Love Card+ red pens, the star with the blue-printed paper, the 2 bottles of lotion (although I think it's the sample set from the student's parents, anyway thanks too!)

In fact, I expected myself to get nothing at all from the students during this Teacher's Day because I'm just a relief teacher... I'm so happy to get presents from them! Even though I didn't get as many as other teachers did, it's more than enough.... because I wasn't their teacher teaching them for a long time...

oh... those students are so cute and lovely, aren't they? =)



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