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Islands Trip: Day 3

Day 3 -- 20.5.07

Woke up at 9pm, and we refused to get down from bed ahaha... so we chatted until woke up the other 2 (Zhi & Hoon) at the next door.
We would go back to the Kuala Besut Jetty at 11am, so before that, we enjoyed the 'life' on the perhentian island ....

After having the breakfast (I ate the bread brought by Hoon...), we walked on the beach... took many photos... I took some photos of the chalet we were staying too.

There was a gift shop in the chalet area too, the price was generally cheaper than the ones in Redang. However, I didn't buy anything from here...

the bed in my chalet....

outside our chalet... the next door was Hoon & Zhi's chalet

the view from far... Jin was eating Rocky strawberry flavour.. haha...

I posed again... lolz... welcome to Fauna Beach Chalet!

(last time in langkawi, I did the pose too with the welcome board of the chalet oh...)

I could use one hand to hold the boat o.O paiseh, just ignore that chair ...

Kian Yong, Kean Wah, Siew Hoe; a backlight photo with flash keke...

After taking photos.... it's time to take the speedboat back to the jetty.
T_T bye bye my beloved Perhentian Island!

Once arrived the Kuala Besut Jetty, the speedboat were parked far from the staircase/the place to go ashore.... Few of us had to walk very carefully so that we wouldn't fall into the sea with our luggage =.=;

After my turn, the guys helped the others to put their luggage first, then they could walk with no burden and at the place which was safer.... yes, nobody helped me... (never mind, I'm tough enough...)
We walked to Mr Ong's office then, returned the snorkeling equipments and the life jackets to him, and paid RM4o for the half day trip in Terengganu.

14 of us would visit 5 places by separating into 2 groups.
First group would travel by 'bas persiaran' (it's a van actually, but modified to be a 'bus') which consists of May, Hoon, Zhi, Lee Wen, Xiao Ling, Nee, Siew Hoe, Kian Yong, Kean Wah & Me. I sat beside the driver...
While Second group consists of 2 couples: Mak & Jin; JiN-guy & Poi Yun. They took the 'taxi'.

Next, we loaded our luggage into the 'bas persiaran' and 'taxi'.

Our 1st destination was "Bukit Keluang" = Keluang Hill Beach. It was a nice place, but we didn't "play water" here, we just visited the special caves. They are easily reached by the walkways built. The caves are special as they are formed by small stones...!

guys gang = "Grasses" in the cave

Gals gang = "Flowers" in the cave.

The 2nd destination was the shop selling 'keropok losong'. We bought some from there.... the price was quite cheap I guess...

Next, we went to the place selling Batik. None of us bought any of them, to me, they are too big in size... and the length is too long... but we'd got visited the workplace behind the shop, and saw the worker was filling the colour... it was indeed a job that needs a lot of patience!

ah Nee was 'kacau-ing', she tried to fill the colour... luckily she didn't do it wrongly! haha..

The 4th place we visited was the La Hot Spring! so... it is a Hot Spring spot. You know, the water was so hot!

There is a hot spring in Besut which is known as the LA Hot Springs with its water temperature ranging from 45 - 49 degrees Ceicius. The water contains natural sulphur which is said to have healing properties. Visitors flock to this spring especially so, when afflicted with skin ailments.

see this photo, the one in white shirt who put his head inside the Hot Water was Kean Wah! woot...
He dared to put his legs, hands and head into the hot hot water... so.. he was the Winner!
the Runner-up was Nee who dared to put legs only.. but she was the first one who did it
the second runner-up was Zhi.
I just dared to put a leg of mine for a while only! haha...

May was 'smiling'? ahaha.. by the way, there were wounds on her knee as she had a fall on the tar-paved road.

saya sangat hitam! Jin sangat putih ... like snow white? then I look like "fatimah"?

Once we came out from the Hot Spring spot, the rain started to fall o.O
The Last destination was the Lata Tembakah Waterfall!

Luckily... it was not raining by the time we reached the waterfall although there was lightning during our "jungle trekking" (walking to the waterfall spot). Of course we didn't able to see the upper fall as it would take longer time to reach!
This place was well maintained I would say, no rubbish could be seen at all, and there were many boards with messages to warn/remind visitors not to do so and so....

for example: this!!!!!

Wah... the waterfall scene was so nice!
and this couple is too sweet la... beh tahan nia...

Only 3 of us, May, Nee & me were wet, others didn't want to be wet so they didn't want to play water. well... the water was so cold and fresh! Besides, there were many fishes too! They liked to bite us la... haha... they didn't really bite us till bleeding lah... we just felt 'geli' @@

After changing our clothes, we went back to Jerteh, the place where we would take bus back to KL later on.
Since the time was still early, it was only about 6pm when we reached Jertih but the bus would only come at 9pm. So, the driver helped us to find a place to put our luggage. Finally, this problem was settled by paying RM2 each! mahalnya....

this is the place:

Then, we had our dinner at the opposite of the bus station. There were many food stalls selling different kinds of food! We were introduced by Mr Ong in the morning to try Nasi Dagang. Most of us (I think all of us) ate this Nasi Dagang.. it was indeed delicious! I bought some 'kuih' to eat too, 4 for RM1 only!

Next, to spend the time, we went for a walk at the Supermarket here -- Econjaya.
Weird and funny enough, we are KL people but we came here to buy clothes! haha... few of us (I didn't) bought some clothes, they were quite cheap...

There's another supermarket nearby, it's 1Utama ..!
oh, ya you're right, it has the same name with the one in KL there... haha.. but this one doesn't have Jusco lah, it's just a small-sized supermarket.

We departed back to Kuala Lumpur at 10pm. The transnational bus came late!
This time, the seats were not together, some of us sat alone...I sat at the behind of the bus, the last seat!
At first I was sitting alone, then Kean Wah came to sit beside me and we kept chatting for about 3 hours! haha... it was my first time to chat with him that longer time... he's very talkative also....!

We reached at Putra bus station at 5am.... and my younger brother came to fetch me back home!

Oh... I've become darker =.="

Another regret: Wasn't able to see the "blue sand"! Seems like it would be only found at Redang beach.... I saw it before in langkawi Cenang beach =p

I've used almost RM400 for the whole trip including the trip fees, food, souvenir etc...
but if added with the money I used to buy underwater camera, the slipper, the sunblock etc then added up to RM100 + RM400 = RM500......

I didn't wear my spectacle at all during the trip.. so all the photos taken were without spec~

The photos I posted here, mostly were taken by using my aunt's old Nikon Digital Camera E885, 3.2 MP.
Some of them were taken by Mak's Canon Powershot A400 and also my Sony Ericson K700i.
The were 4 digital camera, they were brought by Mak, May, JiN-guy and me. I haven't got their photos yet.
There were not many photos that have me inside, as I was the one busy taking photos only.... my good companion....

The trip, overall was quite enjoyable, everything was fine and I was quite satisfied with it. The problem was caused by my mood. I was showing long face for sometime, especially the last day. I was angry at someone and for very little thing..

Another thing was, I felt bad... I felt so lonely.... not because of those couples but my friends.... I felt like I was going on trip with a bunch of strangers.... they randomly did talk to me, but if I didn't talk to them first, most of the time they wouldn't come to talk to me. I was so lonely... and suddenly I thought, it's better for me to shut up, I would like to isolate myself....

*sorry for the bad mood of mine.. I didn't intend to be so.....

*not everything is 100% correct, some information here might be incorrect due to my own bad brain memory... haha..



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