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Islands Trip: Day 2

Day 2 -- 19.5.07

At 8am, we woke up.... and had our breakfast, most of us ate mee cup (the-must food for trip huh)... we took the hot water from the chalet's restaurant free of charge.

9am was the time we departed to the Redang Island by speedboat. Other than our boat, there's another speedboat too, with another gang of people. On the way, our captains (2 there...) kept on playing "speedboat racing" with another boat! 赛车危险,赛船也危险的!

Luckily everything was okay, we were quite scared as the speed was too fast @@" although it was quite fun too lah... ohohoho.... the wind was very strong then! After a long "hairstyling" session, my hair was messy and sticky.. and luckily Hoon did eat the pill for anti-seasickness too! haha... (weird Jin, she didn't have seasickness but carsickness huh? She vomitted yesterday on the way to Kuala Besut in the bus~! o.O)

the 'another speedboat' which raced with ours...

what made them burst into laughter till like that ah? Forgotten...

the two sweet couples, another didn't take hmm... but still a sweet couple la...

these photos were taken by the time we started our journey to Redang!

I like this photo very much, nice right? ^^

It was a long journey, took us nearly 1 hour to reach the Laguna Redang, the Redang Long Beach! even though the speed was high enough....
The captains gave us half hour time to walk around the Redang Long Beach.. wah, do you think half hour was enough for us? lolz...

What we did were searching around for the places to take photos, walked on the very beautiful beach with very fine sand (perhentian's sand was not fine at all! even langkawi's better than it), visited the More More Tea Inn. There was a competition to build castle/buildings at the Redang beach too!

oh ya, we didn't wear our slippers while walking on the beach as we purposely didn't want to bring them along

once jump off the speedboat, we saw these chairs and immediately took photo loh.. haha

these 2 were quite nice right? The "castles" built in the competition by those participants.

More More Tea Inn:
The hit Chinese romantic comedy movie 'Summer Holiday' starring Sammi Cheng and Richie Jen was partly shot on Redang.
The original 'Mo Mo Cha Inn' (More More Tea Inn) featured in the movie was located between Redang Reef and Redang Beach resorts, where Laguna Redang now stands. The actors stayed at Redang Holiday while filming on location.
The original inn was in quite a dilapidated state and in danger of collapsing, so the owners of Laguna tore it down and rebuilt a replica which now serves as Laguna's gift shop. The coconut tree on which the 'More More Tea Inn' sign was hung on the movie set is still standing in front of the Laguna Resort main building.


So, we visited the Gift Shop and bought some souvenirs. And of course we took some photo at the front of the shop~ hehe....

we are in LOVE again... lolz, still remember, there was a LOVE at the top of the hill at Langkawi?

After More than half hour, we went back to the speedboat, and.... it's the time for snorkeling~!

We put up the equipments, then started the searching of Baby Shark ! The location was the sea of the Long Beach.
However, at the end, I didn't see the cute baby shark as I didn't follow those 'captains'... they only 'drag' those who didn't know swimming at all (or to be accurate, those afraid of water ... coz I don't know to swim what..)
Hoon said she saw it .. as she was one of them who was 'dragged' till far .............

At about 12.30pm, we went to another island to have our lunch, however we were not allowed to stop by there! It was because the Permaisuri would come to that island (or already there I'm not sure...). And because of that reason too, we didn't go to the Marine Park.... sad lah..

Then, the captains parked the boats at a deserted "beach" (not really a beach oh, a ... seaside? haha...), it was a nobody place...
We had our lunch there, prepared by the captains (or their friends or?).... woo.. quite a nice lunch!
The table was our hands, the chair was the stones..... haha.. it's a Picnic!

4 of the 'labours' having their lunch break at 'worksite', wakaka....! erm, the blue basket was the container used to bring those plates etc...

the creature crawled on my foot... it's a super big ant! its ending was: brought by seawater till far away... but I don't know is it still alive now....
Can you see the coral?

oh another creature! Found by Jin~ it's a Hermit Crab~

the 2 speedboats... the nice blue sky.. the sunny day.... and the crystal clear seawater~!

me .. hehe... posing again after eating =p

After having delicious + full lunch with watermelon as 'pencuci mulut', we were busy taking photos.... and 'resting'.... then, it's time for... Snorkeling again
Snorkeling is fun, but it's sad to see dead coral reef.. ; and I don't know it's my problem or what, the water kept coming into my mask... the nose part.. *geramnya*...

Next station, Lang Tengah.

There were many speedboats stopped by, and it's a spot for snorkeling too.... you wouldn't know how deep is the sea till you 'jump' into it! haha... the place the boat came to anchor was quite deep....

To let us see a school of fish, the 'captains' threw breads into the water (those were moldy breads...), then they would come to eat ....

fishes... took this from the boat, from the surface, not underwater~
(I did bring an underwater camera, the photos aren't processed yet... will scan it if they are nice....)

@@ few of us who 'swam' on our own couldn't swim back to the boat! It was too far away we went.. lolz.... and the waves were quite strong sometimes... so tiring...

I tried to swim and swim, ei, why I was still far away from the boat T_T....
Finally I gave up, a 'pro' offered his help to 'drag' me back, he asked me to hold the buoy~
By the way, this was the very last stop of snorkeling for this trip! Too bad to say I didn't have the chance to meet a turtle, a nemo fish or the baby shark -,-

Next, at about 3.50pm, we went to another place. We were not going there to snorkel this time.. aha!
Instead, we went there to be 'washed' by fresh water from the mountain(?)...
oh ya, we had had new 'captains'! They were -- Zhi & Nee! lol... they were so close to the captains and hence they were given chance to navigate the speedboats! wah.... scary? haha... still okay la...

The very last station today was the Village... if I'm not mistaken, it's Perhentian Kecil.
It was just a village, many mini markets... stalls.... we were just blindly brought by the two cute captains to visit around the homes of the residents here.... there was a Sekolah Kebangsaaan Pulau Perhentian too.

Another Living thing we could see here was Sheep.....bleat....
I bought 2 T shirts here for my younger brothers.... and some 'kuih' from the granny at the jetty there.
and... I bought Teh Ais at a mamak stall with RM1.50.... hmm, you know, when I asked the boss how much is the Teh Ais, he used few seconds to think about the price... Do you get what I want to say? lolz...
I could still remember the one I bought at Langkawi, with only RM1 and it was so delicious and special! This one is just 'biasa saja'~ haha... but still okay lah...

Zhi~ a "model"... the pinky granny was the one who sold the 'kuih'...

bleat... bleat....

all we could see were guys inside this Yellow House... I really wonder what does this special Yellow House function as! hmM.....?

We were back to Perhentian Island where we stayed at about 6pm. We took a group photo then.. but it was incomplete as the couple -- Poi Yun & JiN guy were already back to their chalet.

Nee, the two 'captains', zhi

Like yesterday, we continued playing water then... Nee was buried in the sand by us *evil*
*I haven't got the photo where she was buried... coz I didn't take it by using my camera..*

Then, I wrote my name Hedwig on the sand .... hehe... and posed again.. sexy? ... ahahaha
First time did this kind of pose...

At the same time, Kian Yong, Kean Wah & Siew Hoe went snorkeling again at our own Sea... haha... and they helped me to finish using those films of the underwater camera! (I forgot to finish them just now haha)

We had our dinner at 8.20pm at the same restaurant again. I like their service, the people were nice! and the food was delicious too with reasonable price ^_^

RM 11.00 (tax is included) for the Set D dinner and a can of 100 plus (softdrink is expensive here! RM 3 leh!)

Oopssss.... you know, I forgot to contact my mum! I did call her yesterday morning once I reached here perhentian at the beach there... but I know surely she would call me again today... too bad to say there was no line at all for DiGi and Maxis in our chalet area! I don't know about Celcom though as nobody among us used it.
So I then went to the beach there to search for line.... haha, the funny scene here was, you could see many people walking around or sitting on the beach to 'play' with their mobile phones!
Among few of the DiGi users, only I could make the call oh but only at a certain spot lah... Jin & Mak couldn't at all! We guessed it might be the reason I'm using Sony Ericson K700i.... ahaha

Our night activity was simple - sitting there at the beach, chatting, seeing the sky which full with shining Stars! We did sing together too.. haha... from our left and right, there were people listening to songs by using their mobile phones.... so we sang whatever we knew when we heard them too... besides, our gang also turn on their 'radio' = mobile phone to listen to our favourite songs~

Since all of us were tired, we went to sleep at about 12pm.... early indeed! (compared to the time I sleep at home usually!)

a funny photo taken by Mak when he wanted to take the photo without knowing by me.... but I was ready for it huh?



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