Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm not a TEENager jor

as title, I'm no longer a teenager, I'm now 20 years old!
Umur saya ialah Dua Puluh Tahun!

3rd April, my birthday...

*thanks to Mak for making this for me.. haha

On the night before, it's Jin's turn to be an organiser, she helped me to invite other friends and me to go out for drink "yumcha".
*takkan suruh saya sendiri ajak orang keluar, nanti kena reject susah hati saja lah! kan jadi organiser memang susah, tanya Jin loh... saya sudah cuba rasa itu banyak kali!

Jin went to fetch Ching, Hoon & May. Huey & I were fetched by CKY~
wow.. I didn't expect Hoon would come! By the way, luckily I didn't need to drive on my own, I didn't need to be a Driver during my own birthday!

We went to Camp Forest again. Wei Jie joined us later on. I would say, it was actually just a chatting session, but with more people and I received 2 presents from them ^^
Those 2 presents were a Karaoke VCD of Jolin & a Teddy Bear~

I like the presents very much, thanks ya my dear friends...
I wanted to see Jolin's MTV for long time but didn't buy it because of the price;
while the teddy bear... after watching Goong, I want to own the Alfred Bear for long... however, the teddy bear they gave me is a different bear, he's not Alfred oh... but lah, I will 'sayang' him also! hehe

Besides, my kai mui also sent me a present by post! It's a bottle of Stars made by herself! oh... so touching! It's very nice ... first time received such present! thanks so much~

Thanks to my friends, net friends, seniors and so on... for the presents, testimonials in friendster, SMS, messages and wishessss ~~~~
And also to my parents, for loving me 20 years till this moment and going on...

although it was a normal working day without any celebration, but with the wishes from you all, I'm happy.
*the regret: I didn't take any photo with them during the gathering... I brought my camera, but... they didn't want oh... haiz... no photo of us to upload then...

oh ya... the teacher sitting beside me in the teacher's office, has the same birthday with me! what a coincident!


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