Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Aries girl is...



1. 喜欢胜利的滋味
- like the feeling of having victory

2. 有时候想得到手的, 并不真的想拥有. 因为追求很刺激, 珍惜很麻烦.
- sometimes, the things that wanted to be owned aren't really the actual things in desire. It's just because the process of owning is exciting, to cherish is troublesome...

3. 口没遮拦, 但是有口无心
- always speak without any caution/filtration, but anything spoken is without bad intention.

4. 是够意思的朋友
- are good friends indeed.

5. 吵架时把人气死最有成就感
- be the winner during arguments, fight till the "opponent" has nothing to say! This is what to be proud of, the achievement~

6. 很少让人知道内心有很多幻想
- seldom let people knowing how much does she imagine, at the bottom of her heart..

7. 削皮话最利害, 不太会说情话
- good at playing on words, but weak in telling romantic words..

8. 爱顶嘴的孝顺女
- is a filial daughter who likes to talk back...

9. 他的等于你的, 你的当然等于你的
- his is yours, and yours is also yours of course...

10. 相信流行就是美
- believe what's in the popular trend is beauty~

11. 急的时候, 大家都得跟着快
- when things are in urgent, everyone has to be following her fast pace too

12. 天生有女强人的架式
- born with ability to be a capable woman

13. 爱在心里口难开的苦恼
- the distress of being hard to tell the true feeling of Love

14. 独立得让他觉得没有他, 一样可以过得很好
- so independent that letting him felt that even without him, she also can live well.

15. 看起来很精明, 可是常常吃亏
- looks like very smart, but she's always the one at disadvantage.

16. 拥有男孩的个性, 女孩的天真
- posses the personality of a boy, but with girl's naivety.

17. 比较喜欢和你抬贡的男人多过会和你说甜言蜜语的男人
- prefer the guy who likes to twaddle/piffle with, to the guy who only knows to tell sweet words.

18. 不是很浪费, 只是一时冲动就刷了卡
- not really like to waste, it's just that... only swipe the credit card with the sudden impulsiveness

this was copied from the post of Cari forum, and I have translated them into english version, well.. it's not well translated, so sorry.. I'm short of vocabulary! and some are even translated directly from chinese.. haha..

Back to topic, what written here are almost 100% what I am! Especially the 14th, 15th & 16th!
I'm very independent, I mentioned this before... but it's only what people think... maybe it's partly true, I actually still need someone to rely on....
I'm smart? er... looks like only... whoever knows me, they will understand that I am not that smart, always being cheated easily...
Not very girlish.. without feminity... and naive... haiz...
I'm like that huh?!


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