Tuesday, February 20, 2007

19th : 大年初二

After preparing everything, and had our brunch, my family departed to Port Dickson (PD) at about 12~1pm.
On the way, there were traffic jams! They were caused by the accidents happened on the opposite lanes! o.O

That meant, we Malaysians are busybodies huh?! We are too 'concerned' that the accidents happened on the opposite lanes are able to cause traffic jam not only on their lanes but also ours! Right after passing the spot, the cars were back to their normal speed, and of course, no more traffic jam then!

One of the accidents was happened in Nilai..

We had spent much time on finding a right spot which has a Public Toilet......~~~ Most of the nice places have been taken by the resorts.. and most of the public parts of beaches has no public toilet.. If my family is rich, surely we will went to stay overnight at those resorts... sigh...

I didn't went to swim (to be correct, it's to play water) because I was lazy to take bath there... haha... only 2 of my younger brothers did swim... my parents and I were preparing some food, walking around... and I was quite busy taking photos.

Langkawi is better than PD! haha..... OH my langkawi trip! ~.~

Other than going "bai nian", there are few places to visit during CNY... so to spend time, we just chose to come PD... well, it was quite ok although I didn't swim (play water)(I should learn to swim actually!), at least I spent my whole day with my family today

my mummy & I ^^



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