Monday, February 19, 2007

18th : 大年初一

大年初一, 18.2.07

I'm quite ok today, so... no worry ya... =D

Woke up at 10am, yes... ignore my aunt! Don't want to talk to her at all...
My family went to visit my relatives -- my uncles & aunty in Sungai Buloh in the afternoon. There was nothing much to mention, since young 3 of us siblings seldom mix with our cousins etc.. so when we go there, we just can wait the adults chatting, and we have nothing special to do there... we did play cards today (gambling... ?) ...

In the night, I drove my daddy's car out... fetched Hoon & May, went to Ching's house. Then Jin also came to join us. Next, we shifted to Jin's house! Wow, it's my first time to drive to her house, it's not that I didn't know where's her house, but the case was I didn't dare and was not allowed to drive there... the main challenge was the slope... I dared to try just now because there would be no traffic jam, promised by Jin... haha...
We played cards too, but Hoon didn't join us when it involved $$... small amount though...
We did watch some tv programmes, and also took some photos before going home!

In fact, at first we wanted to go to Yunn Zhi's house, but she was not in.... thought wanna celebrate her birthday! What to do, the important character was not at home, we couldn't do anything... so here I wish her Happy 20th Birthday!
Besides, we went to 'bai nian' at night because Ching will be going to JB tomorrow till Friday, Jin will go to Melaka from Tuesday till Friday... so sad.. so we were forced to gather for a short moment just now loh.... haha... looking forward to the next Bai Nian trips~~~~~

oh ya... today there were many people wearing RED clothes!!!! hehe... actually I did wear a red small jacket too, with my pinky tube~

what I have drunk today: a packet of Chrysanthemum tea, a bottle of POP lychee, a tin of Coke, a tin of lemon Justea, then a tin of Coke again, next the last one was a packet of Soya milk!!!!
sugar......... = fat....... o.O



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