Thursday, February 15, 2007


Wondering how was my Valentine's night?

I was having sweet delicious chocolate banana cake with 3 of my girlfriends... at Secret Recipe of Aman Puri. Yeshhh... 4 of us -- Jin, Ching, Huey & Me, all girls, SINGLE girls (except H maybe...) ... with cakes... and 3 of them were fetched by me, by driving my daddy's manual Iswara...

No guys for our last TEENage year's Valentine...

However, it's good that at least we were not sitting at home being lonely...

Start from today onwards, our working time will be the normal 8.30am - 5.30pm. We should have been transferred to other department, due to some reasons, the job is still remained the same.
Tomorrow is the last working day before the CNY. My holiday starts on 17th until 24th February 07. It's not really a long holiday but not short too.

After working today, Huey & I went back by LRT+KTM at 5.30pm as the jie jie was not free to go home with us. At about 6.15pm, we reached Central Kepong station. I saw someone familiar -- Thoo Lit Teng! She was once my primary school's classmate, it should be during standard 3 if I'm not mistaken. Wow... I'd just added her lately in friendster, and I saw her today!
What a Coincident! She has become so lenglui~ she's studying Biomedical at UTAR now.... so good ~ Unlike me, still unsure about this and that!

After waiting for about 20minutes, Wei Jie came to fetch us (I forced him come HAHA) to Lei Ching's house, where Huey's car was parked. Then I followed Huey back her home in Sri Ehsan, next we went to Pasar Malam together with her younger sister.
And... I met someone else again.. they were May Jing and another my ex-classmate!
Woot.... Ng Yi Ming~~ Both of them are working as primary school's temporary teachers now... hehe
So many of my friends are working in education field now -- Jin, May, Hoon, Ning, Mei Kuan, Khoo, May Jing, Chen Peng, Sook Nee, Choo KV....


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