Tuesday, February 13, 2007


yoyoyo, I'm having Off days again!.. again and again... hahaha, for today and tomorrow~
However, after this Thursday and Friday, my working days are not sure yet... because 3 of us may be transfered to other departments, for the reason... it's confidential so I cannot tell it here... It's sure we will be transfered to other departments but not so sure when is it... and don't know to which one...

So, what I did today? I baked cookies again! They were of butter flavour and in Heart shape~ hehe.. in conjunction with Valentine's Day tomorrow?
Do you want to eat my handmade cookies? Want? Come over my house during Chinese New Year! hehe

these are the cookies I've made recently for CNY... can you see the heart-shaped cookies? Nice to see huh? Nice to eat too =p
other than these, there's still another sweet-like cookies made without flour+butter!.. it is really like sweet.. because it's too sweet =.="

Tomorrow is 14th of February -- Valentine's Day
Here I wish everyone HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, either you are single or not available, either you are celebrating it or not...

I'm single and still available, so... it's a SPECIAL day but means NOTHING SPECIAL to me....
How will I celebrate it? I may go somewhere to eat with my best friends if they want.... and It's ME again to invite my friends.... aiks...

Who wanna invite me to go out? haha... I may consider it wor.... I don't want to be sitting at home nia....


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